What travelers need to know about batteries and battery care

Today's travelers are taking more and more electronic devices with them. All these devices use battery power. Ned Levi discusses what you need to know about batteries and battery care.
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What we’re reading: Ryanair fixes loose window with sticky tape, unscreened baby causes evacuation, stretch A380?

Ryanair fixes loose window with sticky tape, unscreened baby causes evacuation at Newark, Airbus plans stretch A380

What we’re watching: Crandall returns to AA, Lewis Black visits Canada, Views of Ghent

This kind of YouTube comedy video has been done before, but it is particularly poignant in terms of once-proud American Airlines, their bonus-grabbing executives, loyal employees and their ultimate bankruptcy. Louis Black brings humor to a trip across Canada. Finally, a visual tour of Ghent, Belgium. Why? I'll tell you below.
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Air travel customer service: Food on board, loose change at TSA, get ready for more fees

Here is a collection of stories that focus on customer service while traveling by air — airline food, TSA confiscates loose change and United's CEO proudly announces new fees.
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Weekend what we’re reading: World’s rudest tourists, USAir/AA merger may be good for consumers, runaway runway puppy

This weekend we look at the world's rudest tourists, examine the possibilities of a USAirways/AA merger and its effect on consumers, and finally, report on a runaway puppy that stopped air traffic at La Guardia.
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6 lessons learned from losing my iPhone

Recently, I lost my iPhone. I had it with me going through security at DCA and after boarding the plane, I discovered it was gone. The hair stood up on the back of my neck!

What we’re reading: Boeing delivers first 747-8, quarantined plane given all-clear, killing geese at JFK

Boeing delivers first 747-8I, quarantined plane given all-clear, Senator seeks to allow goose kills near airports

Canceled flight illustrates why it’s better to book single airline connections

Some trips are just not meant to be easy. Some itineraries really don't have a great solution. Once upon a time, my client needed to fly from a small city in Poland to a small city in Spain...
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What we’re reading: TSA accuses four-year-old of carrying a gun, TSA officers smuggling drugs, 10 reasons to visit Vegas

TSA accuses four-year-old of carrying a gun, TSA officers smuggling drugs at LAX, 10 reasons to visit Vegas now

Travel Troubleshooter: How long is too long for an airline ticket refund?

Question: We have been trying to get a refund from Southwest Airlines for almost one year. It's a refund that Southwest fully admits it owes, but always finds another excuse not to pay. I hope you can help us.