Does romance pale when lust for legroom is involved?

The current brouhaha over families sitting together has generated some interesting comments regarding what families are entitled to and have some couples confessing that after 10 years of marriage, sitting together on a long-range flight isn’t as important as legroom. When she wants a window seat and he wants an aisle seat love ain’t gonna’ keep that couple together unless they find an aisle with only two seats abreast.

Travel precautions for summer travel fun in the sun

Memorial Day kicks off the summer vacation season in the United States. While summer is a great opportunity for travel, it’s also full of health hazards. Ned Levi discusses how to prevent health problems from exposure to the sun while traveling.

Would you rather vacation with your pet than your family?

I just finished reading a colleague’s post about a woman being tossed from her flight in favor of a dog. Then I received this study from the U.K. indicating that many of those surveyed would rather travel with a pet than with a family member. Am I missing something? A dog? Tell about your pet travels.