Does romance pale when lust for legroom is involved?

The current brouhaha over families sitting together has generated some interesting comments regarding what families are entitled to and have some couples confessing that after 10 years of marriage, sitting together on a long-range flight isn't as important as legroom. When she wants a window seat and he wants an aisle seat love ain't gonna' keep that couple together unless they find an aisle with only two seats abreast.

What we’re reading: Cargo jet clips regional jet, Air India wants pay for delayed 787, UA pilots claim race bias

Cargo jet clips commuter plane at O'Hare, Air India wants compensation for delayed 787 before delivery of first planes, United African American pilots file race bias suit

What we’re reading: Flaming debris falls from Air Canada plane, Southwest pilot aborts Vegas flight, Schumer to airlines: Let parents sit with their kids

Debris from Air Canada plane falls on cars, Southwest pilot aborts flight to Las Vegas, Schumer urges airlines to let parents sit with their kids

How safe is a cruise? Even after new law, it’s hard to say

As Carnival Corp. announced plans to salvage the Costa Concordia last week, the world’s attention focused again on cruise safety — or rather, lack of it.

What we’re reading: Putting military personnel first, can 777 compete with A350? Bets on social gaming sites

Putting military personnel first, questions loom about whether Boeing 777 can compete with A350, Big casino companies begin betting on social gaming sites for growth rather than highrise casinos

Travel precautions for summer travel fun in the sun

Memorial Day kicks off the summer vacation season in the United States. While summer is a great opportunity for travel, it's also full of health hazards. Ned Levi discusses how to prevent health problems from exposure to the sun while traveling.
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What we’re reading: AA’s initial 777-300ER schedule, A320 seats for the obese, SWA’s history at Hobby

AA announces initial 777-300ER schedule, Airbus offers A320 with wider seats, Southwest's history at Hobby

Sunday musings: Tasered by airport secrity for swearing, Southwest is true to itself, faceless airports

Tasered by airport security — enough is enough. Shame on you!

This Sunday we have more thought-provoking stories from the world of travel. TSA and airport security end up tasering a drunk at the airport. Is there any excuse for that kind of action? Southwest stays true to itself, even though pundits thought the Boeing 717 might fit into the Southwest culture. Not! And finally, we find out that we may be replaceable. Avatars begin replacing customer service reps in New York City airports.

Would you rather vacation with your pet than your family?

I just finished reading a colleague's post about a woman being tossed from her flight in favor of a dog. Then I received this study from the U.K. indicating that many of those surveyed would rather travel with a pet than with a family member. Am I missing something? A dog? Tell about your pet travels.

Weekend what we’re reading: For cabbies — millions more, airlines with most fees have most profit, free inflight WiFi?

This weekend we take a look at the windfall taxi drivers with automatic tip buttons on their credit card machines are reaping. We note that airlines with the highest fees have the highest profits, in the U.S. and Europe. Finally, experts take a look at the future of inflight WiFi — will it be free?