NASA’s guidelines to protect historic sites on the moon

Space tourism is coming; probably sometime in the next few years. So, NASA and private space ventures are getting ready by publishing sets of regulations to deal with tourists wandering across the lunar surface and commercial operations doing whatever they will be doing.

Travel insurance claims can hinge on the tiniest details

To understand why a travel insurance company does the often confounding things that it does, you have to know more about the actual policies and talk with insiders who are familiar with the claims process. Travel insurance policies are set by underwriters, the entities that take on the risk of insuring you on your vacation.

Gremlins still rule with United Airlines reservations

It has been almost three months since the United-Continental computer system merger and some of the glitches have been worked out. But, as frequent fliers are learning, we are a long way from a gremlin-free zone. Two of the most maddening current gremlin areas are seat assignments and phantom cancellations — confirmed seat assignments are suddenly changed and confirmed reservations appear to disappear.