Ned’s summer 2012 top 10 tech accessory gear list

In this “Tech Travel Age” many business and leisure travelers bring along multiple electric and electronic devices on their sojourns. Tech accessories can enhance the use and enjoyment of these devices. Ned Levi offers his summer, 2012 top ten list of accessories for the electric and electronic devices used by travelers while away from home.

Do you trust GPS directions?

We’d entrusted our route to the Google Maps app on my iPhone; it had never steered us wrong. The program assured me that yes, the winding road between Santa Maria and Interstate 5 was the fastest, most direct route to our destination. It even showed me the gas stations along the way: a Texaco, an Exxon and a Chevron. Wrong on all counts.

Price of oil is dropping, what about fuel surcharges?

The financial news has been filled with news about dropping oil prices and anyone who drives a car can see the drop in gasoline prices. In Washington, DC, taxi fares have dropped because oil prices have. What’s happening with fuel surcharges? I haven’t heard of any rollbacks. Am I missing something?

The airline market is not working

Imagine you are in your favorite supermarket, but this time something is different. The overhead index says “Bread – Aisles 2, 5, 8, 11, 15” and Milk says “Aisles 1, 4, 9, 13, 16” and so on. The owner has the idea that if he makes it harder for shoppers to compare products and prices, more will buy higher priced items than they might have under the old layout where most comparable products were displayed side by side or very close to each other.