Don’t let travel scams hurt your vacation

Unfortunately, travel scams ruin travelers’ vacations every day. Travelers must be vigilant, alert, use their “street smarts” and commonsense to avoid these scams. Ned Levi takes a look at 5 of the most common travel scams affecting travelers domestically and internationally.

10 air-travel lessons learned the hard way

Expert traveler, Hilary Nangel, tells the story of an was easy and trouble-free trip to the UK, until the journey home. While some of these woes were her own fault, others made her realize that a bit of advance preparation goes a long way.

Should airlines change the rules after tickets are purchased?

I just faced a situation where US Airways changed elite frequent flier standby rules after I had purchased my ticket. To make matters worse, reservation agents were not aware of the change in rules and twice assured me, the day before travel, that I could stand by for an earlier flight with no problems.