Is airline food worth the risk?

In light of the news about needles found in the sandwiches on four Delta Airlines flights last week, Ned Levi examines airline food safety in the US where both TSA and the FDA have watchdog responsibilities to ensure airline food is safe, secure, and fit for consumption.

Sunday musings: First vs. Coach, outsourcing dangers, family drives

This Sunday’s food for thought comes from comedy, tragedy and reminiscing. Comedy about the differences between First and worst class (above), averted tragedy when needles were found in Delta airline meals, and thoughts about how a car used to be a time for family conversations.

Unnatural disaster: What to do when your hotel doesn’t have room

The deadly storms that left large swaths of the East Coast without power just before the Fourth of July holiday provided an uncomfortable lesson to hotel guests like Ken White: Always call to confirm your reservation — especially when the place you’re visiting is reeling from a natural disaster.

Missed BA connection leads to canceled return flight

New computer systems are scanning airilne reservations looking for cancellations. When traveling, should you miss a connection, reconfirm your return flights the following day. It may save lots of time at the airport.