Should there be a dress code when flying?

Because airlines don't publish dress codes, what's appropriate is subjective. Not only is freedom of dress at stake, but First Amendment rights come into play. Who should have the final word as to what you (and others) wear?
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What we’re reading: TSA studies new body scanners, couple’s sex-toy humiliation, keeping LAX butterflies safe

New body scanners may be on the way, couple says Continental workers humiliated them, keeping butterflies safe at LAX

Hertz buyout of Dollar Thrifty is no good for consumers

Where we once had a choice of Hertz, Avis, Enterprise, Dollar, Thrifty, Budget, National and Alamo, we now have three. Those three major car rental companies are Hertz, Avis and Enterprise.
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What we’re reading: FA sets Guinness Book record, OK for rocket-powered flights, European hijacking scare

Flight attendant sets Guiness Book record, Virgin Galactic gets ok for rocket-powered flights, miscommunication blamed in hijacking scare

In a world of computerized rebookings, humans save a vacation from Isaac

The family had planned a late summer getaway to Turks and Caicos before school started after Labor Day. They were flying from Washington, D.C., and they were careful enough to book flights with plenty of connecting time in Miami in case of weather issues. Tropical storm Isaac still caused problems.
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What we’re reading: FAA to study portable electronic usage in flight, EU app helps passengers get compensation, United flights delayed due to computer outage

FAA to study electronic device usage in flight, European app helps passengers get compensation under EU rules, United flights delayed due to computer outage

FAA to study use of iPads, Kindle’s and other personal electronic devices on aircraft

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is launching a study of portable electronic devices (PEDs) today. Finally, it looks like passengers may get some relief from the "turn off all electronic devices" instructions once the airplane door closes or during landing.
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Is it time for airlines to take a stand on breast-feeding?

Splitting up his family wouldn’t normally be a problem, said Madrid, an account manager for a health products company in Minneapolis, except that his wife, who was still nursing the baby, needed a little help. Couldn’t Delta just seat them together? “This is so irritating,” he said. Surprise! All airlines don't have policies about how to deal with nursing mothers.

What we’re reading: DOT fines foreign airlines, longest airport walks, 777X due by 2020

DOT fines three foreign airlines, longest airport counter-to-jetway walks, 777X due by end of decade

6 tablet benefits (and 4 shortcomings) for travelers vis-à-vis laptops

With tablet mobile devices being used more and more by travelers, Ned Levi examines whether or not they can replace the laptop computer as the primary computing device for travelers, or if for some travelers, the transition to a tablet will have to wait.
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