Sunday musings: Safest airline seats in the back, Web in the sky not used, future of in-flight entertainment

There is always something to think about in terms of flying and trade-offs. Better service is available in the front of the plane, but it is safer in the back. More and more airlines are installing Web access for passengers, but usage is a woeful 5 percent. Finally, with better Web access will airlines be changing their in-flight entertainment models?
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Weekend what we reading: Traffic jam apps, pickpockets on the prowl, gambling on airfares

This weekend we look at how smartphones may help avoid traffic jams, the return of pickpockets (though, I don't think they ever left) and an airline that wants passengers to gamble on changes in jet fuel costs to protect the airline's bottom line.
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AA’s apology for delays and cancellations — how about returning the favor

American Airlines has been making plenty of news lately, but for all the wrong reasons.

Officially, nothing is wrong. Unofficially, a labor dispute has resulted in an increase in delays and cancellations. Crews are filing additional maintenance requests and a far greater number of pilots are calling in sick.

USA Today reported that at one point last week over half of American’s flights were late and 310 flights last week were canceled.

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What we’re reading: Baby-free quiet zones, ATC changes at O’Hare, passengers restrain unruly traveler

AirAsia to offer baby-free quiet zones in front of planes, ATC changes at O'Haredue to problems, passengers restrain unruly traveler
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Rules passengers should know when faced with AA cancellations

American Airlines has been canceling flights over the past week and the prognosis for the coming week is not good as pilots begin to bump up against their monthly maximum flying times. Though American Airlines has committed on their website to getting passengers rebooked within two hours of their original flight time, that is not always possible. What are passenger options?
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DOT can take a leading role in consumer protections

The Department of Transportation (DOT) has long been an outlier in the world of general consumer protections. Prior to Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood’s proclamation that DOT had enough of the delays that the airlines continued in dealing with tarmac delays, the only consumer issues covered by DOT were denied boarding compensation (bumping) and lost luggage rules. Otherwise, customer service was the province of the airlines themselves.

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What we’re reading: Best Western’s Facebook awards, sliding airplane seats, woman sues Southwest over spilled tea

Best Western's Facebook awards, sliding jetliner seats make for easier boarding, woman sues Southwest over spilled tea she spilled on herself
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The ship sailed, but they didn’t

When Antonia Giannasca called Carnival Cruise Lines this year to book a vacation to Mexico for her extended family, the sales representative assured her that she had all the travel documents necessary to board the ship. Those assurances gave way to a sinking feeling when they went to board their cruise.

What we’re reading: 1st anniversary of 787 delivery, AA ready to resume talks, flight cancellation insurance

First annivesary of the initial 787 delivery, American Airlines ready to resume talks with pilots, flight cancellation insurance
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Travel with a political button — I don’t leave home without one

This post is not about specific politics, but rather as a frequent traveler in a Presidential election year, why I usually wear a button for my candidate.
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