No, this isn’t a Hotwire bait-and-switch (or is it?)

Kim Gandy is an experienced traveler, and she she'd like to think she wouldn't fall for a scam. But when she tried to book a rental car through Hotwire recently, she thinks she may have been duped.

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Statistics on TSA thefts, $36 billion collected in fees, Malaysia to join oneworld

Can you trust a vacation rental?

Many think that when making a reservation through a trusted intermediary meant there'd be a minimum level of service and that they would have someone to turn to in case the accommodations didn't live up to their billing. It turns out that this isn't necessarily the case.

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Renting a car 101, business travel stress, JAL and BA expand codeshare agreement

Carry-on smarts save hassles and cash

As you board an airplane, a flight attendant tells you to check your carry-on because there's no room left on the plane. The carry-on bag has expensive and breakable gear in it. When you retrieve your checked carry-on items are missing and broken. Ned Levi discusses the problem and how you can prevent it.
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Storm Sandy to stop biz travel, visiting Friedrichshafen, Germany, Vegas' neon museum bigger, brighter and better

Weekend what we’re reading: USAir/AA merger talks, More airline regulations? Amtrak vs. air

This weekend we look at possible movement in the AA/USAir negotiations about a possible merger. Amtrak talks tough about stealing business airline traffic. And, travel agents and consumers duke it out with airlines over airline fee disclosure.
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Trinity College, Dublin — more than the Book of Kells

In Dublin, a surprise visit to Trinity College proved to be fascinating and far more than simply the Old Library and the Book of Kells.

If at first you don’t succeed, call, call again

Airline rules are complicated enough that even most frequent flyers have a hard time keeping track of them. However, even many airline employees can’t keep track of them.

As travel issues go, this one didn’t sound too difficult, in theory. A 1K client discovered he had a United Airlines upgrade expiring soon, and his son had a flight that night, so he was thinking of using it.

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New York for less, TSA fights giant image problem, US Airways gets big fine of $354,500