Europe’s airline rule on delayed flights — passengers get paid for flight lateness

The European Union courts have found in favor of passengers in the latest attempts by Lufthansa and British Airways to avoid paying compensation for delayed flights.
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What we’re reading: Security flaws in boarding passes, Air Canada/United joint venture, AA strengthens network

Security flaws in boarding passes, Air Canada/United joint venture, American strengthens network with lots of code-sharing

Will paper boarding passes disappear too soon?

Are airlines making a move to more electronic boarding passes? If so, some glitches need to be worked out.
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What we’re reading: Best NY hot chocolate, EU upholds flight delay rules, Boeing ups 777 production

Hot chocolate in New York, Europrean Union court upholds flight delay compensation, Boeing increases 777 production

Is car rental insurance a scam?

Allen Friedman was surprised to see an extra $215 for insurance and $53 for "roadside assistance" added to his bill - charges Dollar insisted were legitimate because it said he had signed an agreement asking for the additional coverage.

What we’re reading: Mid-trip no-fly boot, Aegean to acquire Olympic Air, should Air Berlin shift alliances?

Man banned mid-trip by no-fly list, Aegean to acquire Olympic Air, Air Berlin should change alliances says Air France

Skyline Faceoff — Empire State Building vs. Top of the Rock

Ned Levi visited the Empire State Building and Top of the Rock, in a "skyline faceoff" to to find out which is the best for “Big Apple” visitors to view, enjoy, and photograph the Manhattan skyline.
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What we’re reading: TSA fires many Newark staff, change airline security mindset, new vacation shopping experience

TSA fires or suspends Newark officers, AAPA chief condemns security mindset, new vacation shopping experience

Sunday musings: Car information rights, new Heathrow runway kills, travel fees go crazy

These thought provoking stories start with a question about who owns the data created by your automobile such as functionality and tracking your movements. When can possible future deaths influence federal policy? Should it? And, onerous fees spread from airlines to other areas of travel.
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Weekend what we’re reading: Taxes and more taxes, unhappy hotel customers, no-sense airport code names

This weekend we take a break from airline articles (well, we do deal with airport codes). First, here is an article that deals with taxation of tourists — taxation without representation, if there ever was any. The next article covers the effects of hotel ownership on customer service. Finally, a piece that explains how we ended up with such whacky airport codes here and there.
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