Common sense and TSA — a consumer’s point of view

On Thursday, November 29th, consumers had, for the first time, an opportunity to speak to Congress about the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in front of a formal committee hearing.
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JAL to serve KFC on certain flights, Concorde verdict against Continental overturned, is bigger really better?

FTC acts on disclosure of resort fees

Consumer pressure works. The FTC sent letters to 22 hotel operators noting that, "their online reservation sites may violate the law by providing a deceptively low estimate of what consumers can expect to pay for their hotel rooms." They are speaking about resort fees. This is the government's first shot across the hotels' bows. We'll see how they react.
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Holiday events, get flu shots at the airport, adding a personal touch to online booking
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Are all delays created equal, even if an airline lies about it?

Do you ever wonder what the real reason for a flight delay might be? Janice Hough sure does. Do you care whether, as a passenger, you are getting full story? Or, do you feel a delay is a delay is a delay.
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What we’re reading: Delta & KLM sued for woman’s death, cause of AA’s loose seats, following Lincoln

Delta & KLM sued for death of woman, cause of AA's loose plane seats, following Lincoln

After the storm, who has your refund?

A traveler made a reservation canceled because of a storm. The hotel would be happy to cancel his reservation, he was told, but because he’d made the booking through Expedia, a refund would be up to the agency. Expedia wouldn’t give him his money, citing its published refund policy.

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Air New Zealand's Hobbit plane, healthy food at the airport, unhealthy food onboard, hidden airline fees

Ned’s 2012 annual holiday gift list for savvy travelers

It's holiday time again, time for shopping for your favorite traveler. Ned Levi offers his 2012 annual top holiday gift list for travelers. In the list you'll find 8 great gift choices for travelers, in a wide price range from $7.50 to $299.95.
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What we’re reading: Vegas party train, flight attendant arrested over gun, Cyber Monday

Vegas party train could start in 2013, flight attendant arrested over gun, Cyber Monday deals