6 tips for severe winter weather travel photography

Winter weather photography is extremely challenging. Snow, freezing rain, other precipitation and extremely low temperatures can cause camera and lens operational problems for photographers and permanently damage camera’s and lens’ mechanical and electronic parts. Ned Levi discusses the problems of making photographs in winter weather and how to overcome them.

Top travel videos 2012 from Vimeo

The staff of Vimeo, the competitor to YouTube for user-generated videos, selected some of the best travel videos posted during this past year. I have collected three of those selected here. The lead video, above, features a trip across the USA in three minutes. The second, a similar journey across South America. The final video here is vision of Chicago by night.

In praise of TripAdvisor and other user-generated reviews

While the blogisphere has been filed with anti-tripadvisor screed for years (perhaps, once-upon-a-time accurate), the website has developed into a series of recommendations that can be trusted and used to plan a trip. On my latest trip to Ireland and Italy in October, that was certainly the case.