Bankruptcy court approves AA/USAir merger

As a bankruptcy solution the merger of American Airlines with US Airways is a wonderful solution. Creditors are made whole, stockholders do not lose all of the value of their stocks (though it has been dramatically reduced) and the business of aviation can continue. However, there is the messy business about how this merger will affect consumers.

Automatic rebooking programs can automatically wreck your vacation

Instead of calling or lining up or even going online to have an agent rebook a flight where there has been some kind of travel disruption, travelers now get messages about possible or probable missed connections, along with a new alternate flight. The rebooking systems are good but, by no means, perfect.

Is Greyhound leaving passengers out in the cold?

A Greyhound bus, which originated in Minneapolis, left a group of passengers at a closed station in the middle of the night. The passengers huddled together outside the closed building. Singh opened his luggage and added layer upon layer of clothes in an effort to keep warm. This isn’t right.

Off the beaten path Los Angeles: The Watts Towers

Often when we travel to cities, there are wonderful locations and sights to visit not on the “top attraction” lists. Ned Levi has a recommendation for one of those sights in Los Angeles, the Watts Towers, an often overlooked location despite it being on the US National Register of Historic Places, and a National Historic Landmark.