Don’t forget to confirm your hotel reservation

A two-night stay at the Driftwood Inn in Chestertown, Md., was supposed to cost Bruce Romano $138 through a Web site called HotelPlus Destination Portal, as long as he prepaid for his accommodations. That seemed like a good deal. After all, it was Memorial Day weekend, one of the busiest travel times of the year.

Codeshares — good for the airlines, not so good for consumers?

Airlines love code-shares. They allow carriers to market and sell and advertise flights to destinations to which they don’t actually fly.

From a consumer point of view, there aren’t many benefits. But airlines are more likely to help out with a delay or missed connection if all flights are on one ticket. On the other hand, a codeshare flight can lull passengers into a false sense of security and have real disadvantages.

What we’re reading: Saving Yosemite, paralyzed man crawls for Delta, Republic to sell Frontier

A plan to save Yosemite by curbing its visitors Yosemite National Park is one of the most visited national parks and it faces a common dilemma: how much human activity should be allowed? The Park Service’s plan would restore more than 200 acres of meadows, reorganize transportation and reduce traffic congestion. To shrink the human […]

Helicopter tours and great scenic photography

More and more often, travelers are taking helicopter tours at their destinations for spectacular views, amazing photographic opportunities, and a chance to visit venues unreachable by other means. Ned Levi has advice for taking helicopter tours, and photographing the panorama of scenery you’ll see while inflight.

Working on vacation — technology makes it possible — do you or don’t you?

I am a master at working on vacation. Some claim that my life is a vacation, but it really isn’t. Those who know me, realize that though I get to travel, enjoy great food and stay for extended time in foreign countries, I put in plenty of hours working at my computer, making phone calls, participating on conference calls and meeting via video conferencing.