Ghost stories in flight

At the end of an otherwise ordinary flight, I hear a strange rustling from the overhead bin. A faint, ghostly whisper emanates from the back of the airplane. The whisper comes nearer, and the voice becomes spookier. Now I can make out the words: “Get out!”

What we’re reading: US/AA draw up proposed settlements,talking your way into first class, book Christmas travel now

US Air, American drawing up proposed settlement US Airways and American Airlines are willing to give up takeoff and landing slots at Reagan National as part of an attempt to get the Justice Department to allow the merger. In a complaint filed in August aimed at stopping the proposed transaction, the Justice Department focused on […]

7 times a nonrefundable fare may not be the best deal

Even the most budget conscious travelers can find that nonrefundable isn’t always the best value in the long run. Here are seven examples of when it’s worth thinking before automatically booking nonrefundable fares.

Why some air travelers are pulling a “no show”

No one knows exactly how many passengers pull a no-show when their change fees exceed the value of their ticket credit, deliberately depriving an airline of its ability to resell their seats. But by almost all accounts, their numbers are rising, as airlines continue to raise the price of changing a nonrefundable airline ticket.

4 travel photography techniques to improve your vacation images

Vacationers sometimes miss great photo opportunities, are challenged when photographing their children, have problems photographing in churches and museums due to poor lighting, and trouble photographing museum collections protected by glass due to reflection. Ned Levi has 4 techniques for solving these problems of travel photography.

Vancouver, a multicultural kaleidoscope of life

The diversity of Vancouver’s multicultural population adds a kaleidoscopic touch. Many residents trace their ancestry back to Chinese immigrants brought in for construction of the Canadian-Pacific Railroad and during the country’s Gold Rush, both at the end of the 19th century. Many more recent arrivals came from the Philippines, Taiwan and other Southeast Asian countries.