8 end-of-year travel tips

As the year draws to a close, it’s too late for a mileage run. But it’s not too late to do a little travel housekeeping. Any travelers who has a little extra time might consider these tips which could save time, money and/or hassles in the year to come.

Ring in the new year with great fireworks images

New year’s eve is tomorrow, and in many locations at the stroke of midnight, fireworks will welcome 2014. Ned Levi gives you his tips for capturing great fireworks images to remember the start of the new year.

Sunday musings: Boarding planes faster, personal airport shoppers, selling sleep

This Sunday we take time to look at the science of boarding planes and wonder why this seems to be harder than rocket science. We hear about Heathrow Airport that is providing personal shoppers upon request to sell the best of their duty-free offerings. And, hotels begin to sell sleep with questionable remedies for deep sleep. Will sleep-deprived zombies pay extra for zzzz’s?

What to do when your airline offends you

Nothing could have prepared Jeff White for the shock he got after printing his boarding pass for a recent Delta Air Lines flight from Pensacola, Fla., to Albany, N.Y., by way of Atlanta. Right there, next to his name, was a confirmation code that proclaimed: “H8GAYS.”

Great travel memories — pressed between the pages of my mind

When I meet new people and they find out that I write about travel and that I have been traveling for years, they often ask, “What is your favorite place you have visited?” My answer, “I can’t answer that, I tend to enjoy almost everywhere I visit.” I go on, “Perhaps a better question might be what destinations do you remember the most? Or, what places do you think are best to visit with kids? Or, with a lover?