Don’t make financial mistakes which can ruin your vacation, part 1

Purchasing a summer vacation well, by carefully making vacation choices, and reservations is only the beginning of carefully considering vacation financial issues. Ned Levi discusses many of the potential financial mistakes vacationers can make and how to avoid them.
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Aulani makes 'Muppets Most Wanted' destination, Alaska Air add self-tag baggage option, delays due to World Cup

Siberia: In the Middle of Somewhere

I’m not sure what to expect from Siberia — pine and birch forests with an occasional gulag, perhaps — but I’ll soon be experiencing the real thing as my train rolls out of Moscow’s Kazan station and heads east, rattling through a series of switches and out onto the main line. It’s the start of a 12-day, 4000-mile rail journey that will take us across Siberia and to Mongolia before heading south into China and, eventually, to Beijing.

The Road to Hana: The road more traveled — with good reason

The road to Hana traverses the northern coast of Maui in Hawaii, from the rustic village of Paia to its destination at the eastern tip. Fyllis Hockman takes us on a tour of this lush oceanside drive.

Fairytale castles inspire faraway dreams in Germany

Germany has long been the home of many of the fairy tales we heard when growing up. The Brothers Grimm centered almost all of their tales in Germany. Hansel and Grettle, Puss in Boots, Rapunzle, Sleeping Beauty, the Pied Piper, Cinderella, the Frog Prince and Little Red Riding Hood all took place in Germany. And the castles we love almost all have their roots in Germany.

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Mountain bike adventures to try, Qantas changes frequent flyer program, Mississippi casino to close

Why you shouldn’t accept your airline’s apology

If you've experienced a recent flight delay or service disruption, then you probably know that for better or worse, no one says "I'm sorry" like an airline. A well-crafted apology is often just the beginning. Gift cards, credits and loyalty points — lots of loyalty points — frequently follow. And the mea culpas appear to work. Most passengers accept them and move on. Well, maybe they shouldn't.

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TSA union: Airports should arm agents, Las Vegas has most expensive room service, Royal Carribean's Quantum leap

Celebrity rewards an honest cruiser with potential norovirus. Is this a model for other lines?

While, no doubt, some people know they aren't feeling well when they board, others can have symptoms come on suddenly. And, with the "it's my vacation, I've paid for it, I'm going to enjoy it" mentality, not to mention the cost of an onboard doctor's visit, many travelers may avoid visiting the infirmary. Would free medical care and refunds help?
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Washington Monument to reopen in May, opera at Sydney Harbour, Delta launches international Wi-Fi