When Congress swallows a big lie

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When a "Big Lie" gets legs in Congress

Consumers and the free market are facing a full frontal attack from the airlines. Their minions have swarmed through the House of Representatives casting an untruth that members both Republican and Democrat are swallowing hook, line and sinker. The airline’s big lie is that the Department of Transportation (DOT) rules require them to hide taxes […]

JetBlue and Singapore to codeshare, 787 gets ETOPS certification, ATC towers with charm

JetBlue and Singapore Airlines to launch codeshare operations Pending regulatory approval, JetBlue and Singapore Airlines plan to launch codeshare operations. JetBlue and Singapore Airlines have been interline partners since 2011. The expanded partnership would provide customers seamless connections between the two airlines, combining flights on both carriers and easily facilitating one-stop ticketing and baggage check-in. […]

Nickel and diming — a path to consumer discontent and DOT assistance

American Airlines President Scott Kirby, speaking at a recent research conference, defended “nickel-and-diming” by the airlines. Kirby said that charging extra for extra services is “the way many other businesses price, (yet) an airline charging ancillaries or extra for extra services gets characterized for nickel and diming … It’s inconsistent with how other industries get characterized.” […]

Are airlines pulling a bait-and-switch?

Alina Novak’s complaint had a familiar ring to it. While she was searching for an inexpensive round-trip ticket from Toronto to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., on, she stumbled upon a $177 airfare. But when she clicked on the “buy” button, TripAdvisor redirected her to an online travel agency called, which required her to enter […]

6 European hotel booking tips

These days the internet makes it really easy to book a hotel anywhere in the world. Except when it doesn’t. For travelers used to booking reservations in the United States, there are a few things they should know before booking a hotel room in Europe; or, for that matter, most places overseas. 1. Don’t expect […]

Canada allows electronic devices gate to gate, jet lands with cracked windshield, Italians investigating TripAdvisor

Air travelers can now use electronic devices on aircraft in Canada Following the relaxation of rules regarding use of electronic devices in the US, Canada is allowing their use from gate to gate. Transport Minister Lisa Raitt announced the loosening of rules during a news conference at the Ottawa airport on Monday and said she expected […]

3 additional rules for packing checked luggage defensively

Last week I wrote about “5 rules for packing checked luggage defensively.” The rules are necessitated by woeful liability limits, set by governments, for luggage lost or damaged by the airlines. The liability issue is further exacerbated on US domestic flights by the airlines eliminating their liability, as per their contracts of carriage, on breakables, […]