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Thank you for reading Consumer Traveler’s weekly newsletter. You can subscribe to our daily email newsletter here. What you need to know this week Full-fare advertising. Increased compensation when denied boarding. Increased compensation for lost luggage. 24-hour allowance for changing an airline reservation. Travelers United  has been instrumental in all these rulings…and many more! We want to […]

Sunday musings: Hotel satisfaction rises, luggage tactics, airline profits up and service down

J.D. Power Reports: Hotel satisfaction reaches record high Even with hotel fees rising and room rates increasing, it seems that hotel guests are happier than ever with what they are purchasing. Plus, younger clients may be more and more loyal than seasoned travelers even though they are more critical. Overall satisfaction in 2014 averages 784 […]

Vieques Island: From bomb site to beach destination

A jet plane bearing the emblem of the U.S. Navy streaked low over a beach, dropped a bomb and returned to its base. The U.S. Navy was attacking a corner of its own country. Today, beach towels and colorful umbrellas line that stretch of sand. The only sounds are the surf and people enjoying a […]

What is the big deal about personalization of airfares?

Most of this story was written last year, after I returned from the annual PhocusWright conference where the top dogs in the Internet travel world congregate to discuss trends and networking. One of the “marketing” demonstrations from Sociomantics made my blood run cold. As a member of the Advisory Committee for Aviation Consumer Protections, I […]

Frontier flys from Cincinnati, UA’s DIY baggage tags, new hazmat rules

Frontier adds flights from Cincinnati-area airport Frontier Airlines is increasing flights from Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky airport. Frontier will begin daily flights to Dallas-Fort Worth on Oct. 26, with multiday service also coming to Las Vegas, Phoenix, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The five new destinations give Frontier 10 from the airport in northern Kentucky. Frontier began […]

Rep. DeFazio comments on and misquotes his misguided Transparent Airfares Act

Finally, after months of attempting to figure out the motivation of Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Oregon) in co-sponsoring the anti-consumer Transparent Airfares Act of 2014 together with Bill Shuster (R-Penn), Mr. DeFazio responds to an op-ed in his local newspaper. Though Mr. DeFazio claims that the op-ed opposing his bill contained inaccuracies, Mr. DeFazio’s defense of […]

Knee Defender banned in Australia; AA says, "No to Orbitz"; Ryanair to bid for Cyprus Airways

Qantas, Virgin Australia ban ‘Knee Defender’ Qantas and Virgin Australia have decided to ban the Knee Defender. Both airlines issued statements confirming their stance in the wake of a highly publicised stoush on a United Airlines flight which saw the plane make an unscheduled landing and two passengers marched off. Sales of the Knee Defender […]

When you’re traveling, a picture can be worth a thousand dollars

You don’t have to be an expert on photographic evidence to take snapshots of your rental car before you drive off the lot, but it helps. Just ask Steve Wolf, who happens to be an expert on photographic evidence. When he recently rented a car in Denver, he instinctively started videotaping his rental from every […]

Australia to relax phone ban, intro airfare Boston to Hong Kong, future of Atlantic City

Australian carriers relax phone ban Qantas and Virgin Australia became the latest carriers to allow passengers to use their PEDs from gate to gate. The Australian carriers will hope giving customers almost continuous access to personal devices will increase their appeal as they engage in a price war with each other and other market participants. […]

Knee Defender airline battle — who do you think is right?

You have probably heard the story. Now, see the video of the reenactment of the recliner vs. the businessman working his computer. Who has more right to the space? Does the woman who wanted to recline the about three inches allowed need to assert that right. Or, does the businessman working on his computer have […]