Should airlines pay us for schedule changes when they change them?

At this point, travelers are pretty much resigned to paying change fees when they change any sort of discount airline tickets. Even on Southwest, which has no fees, you can end up paying a much higher fare when your plans change. And fair enough, as the airlines say, they DO sell refundable and changeable (albeit […]

Consumer Traveler Newsletter – September 29, 2014

Thank you for reading Consumer Traveler’s weekly newsletter. You can subscribe to our daily email newsletter here. What you need to know this week Thank you to everyone who filled out the DOT survey regarding ancillary fees. Our hope is that consumers know up front how much their travel costs.  The comments to DOT are due […]

Are there "reasonable" airline kidnapping safeguards?

In April, according to police, a 29-year-old California man met a 14-year-old girl on the Internet to develop a dating relationship with her. In August, the man allegedly met the girl at her Connecticut home, took her to the local airport, and flew with her to Sacramento, where he was arrested and charged with kidnapping […]

Sunday musings: Founding Uber, smaller airline seats, lawmakers get free PreCheck

How Uber CEO Travis Kalanick went from a startup failure to one of the hottest names in Silicon Valley The founder of Uber, Travis Kalanick, has stick-to-it-ivness. After jousting with bankruptcy and dealing with the IRS, he finally had a breakthrough (with the same company that was fined $110,000) and sold it for $19 million. […]

13 Ways To Keep Busy In Chiang Mai, Thailand

From International Living by Eoin Bassett Founded over 700 years ago, Chiang Mai nestles in the mountains of Northern Thailand, on the banks of the Ping River and the good climate has acted as a major draw for thousands of expats who call the city home. Temperatures range from the mid-50s F to mid-90s F […]

Do airline passengers have a "right" to compare prices?

In conversations with airline lobbyists and others associated with the airline industry, the question about whether or not there is a “right” to be able to compare prices prior to purchasing airline tickets often comes up. Airline folk claim that this is not a basic right, but should be subject to marketplace forces. However, consumers […]

Spirit faces RICO Act lawsuit, AA DFW-Beijing service, KLM’s lost and found

Spirit Airlines faces RICO Act after Florida appeals court gives green light Spirit passengers filed a lawsuit against Spirit Airlines under the RICO Act. The case was originally thrown out, but the Florida appellate court allowed the lawsuit to proceed. The plaintiffs in this case (D.C. Docket No. 0:12-cv-61528-RNS) alleged Spirit Airlines conducted an enterprise […]

The airline ancillary fee battle goes to DOT

Airlines have abandoned passenger service. The continued consolidation of the industry has served to make airlines even less inclined to focus on passenger service and to concentrate only on profits. In the past, service and price went hand in hand. Today, for the back-of-the-plane passengers, service and price transparency, including ancillary fees, have been forgotten. […]