Maybe we all need a ‘Step Back’ (not just Jet Blue)?

Steven Slater has stirred up lots of “I’m mad as hell” juices in the public. But Jason Barger proselytizes for a travel world of peace not confrontation. It’s in the midst of many small, intentional actions that a new spirit can spread throughout air travel and our world.

K.I.S.S. the airport staff

This Memorial weekend, millions of people are rushing throughout airports all around the world. There will be obstacles, delays and cancellations. There will undoubtedly be disappointments, but if we look close enough, there will also be sweet, subtle surprises.

Beauty in the midst of 9/11 tragedy

Following the explosion into the trade towers, the United States closed American air space for the first time in our history. Thousands of airplanes and passengers that were already in the air were re-routed to land in Canadian air space.

4 personality types of an airport book signing

In all my travels, I had never seen an author signing books in an airport book store. That’s why the idea seemed so perfect when the opportunity arose to hit the road for an “Airport Book Tour” for my book Step Back from the Baggage Claim: Change the World, Start at the Airport. The whirlwind […]

A look back at my travel resolutions for 2009

New Year’s resolutions are a funny thing. How often do we declare resolutions at the turn of a new year, but then forget them by February? We rarely ever look back at the end of a year to see how we did with our resolutions. So, I decided to change that for myself.

7 mantras for peaceful holiday travel

The holiday madness in the airports has begun. Over the next week, herds of people across the globe will be navigating their way through the obstacles, delays and cancellations of air travel in order to reach friends and family. However, in our anxious journey to get from Point A to Point B, we don’t always share the same loving spirit that the holidays represent with those along our path.

Celebrate improvements in airport parking

“Man, they’ve really got this down to a science,” muttered the man sitting next to me on the airport-parking-lot shuttle bus as the 6 a.m. crowd filed aboard in Columbus, Ohio. The positive acknowledgement of any aspect of the air travel system caught me off guard. You don’t hear that very often.

The “pain in the butt” airline passenger is going out of style

This Thanksgiving, I’m declaring that the “pain in the butt” passenger is going out of style. I know there still are many of them out there, but the number of polite, grateful and helpful passengers around the world is growing by the minute. Some airlines and airport personnel are also seeing the benefits in joining this more positive movement. Evidently, kindness is contagious too.

Better think twice about that Halloween costume at the airport

This weekend in the airports we will undoubtedly see other Halloween junkies making their way in costumes around our world. Everyday people transforming their look for the celebration of that Halloween spirit. But, before you find yourself at the peak of your creative process and ready to head off to the airport in costume, here’s some last minute advice for you.

Maybe we’re all traveling naked, after all

No, this isn’t the next hottest promotion by Virgin Atlantic to try to increase air travel. No, the TSA has not instituted a new uniform policy trying to project a hip vibe.