Don’t let a hurricane ruin your vacation: 5 tips

Amy Bradley-HoleWe decided to have a Labor Day party weekend at my parents’ house in Louisiana a couple of weeks ago. My husband and the kids and I drove down from Little Rock, and my brother flew in from Los Angeles to bring the new girlfriend home for the first time. But it’s that other visitor, Hurricane Gustav, who has us feeling uncomfortable.

Help! I’m stuck in a hotel room and I can’t get out!

Road warriors can attest, too many nights away from home can really take its toll on a traveler. Once you spend more than a week or so in a hotel room, you start to get antsy. Amy Bradley-Hole passes along some extended-stay survival tips that have helped her over the years.

5-star amenities at a 2-star price

Amy Bradley-Hole What are the things that penny-pincher travelers can bring along to really enhance their hotel stays. Amy Bradley-Hole suggests a few five-star amenities that you can supply yourself to get 5-star treatment in 2-star properties.

7 types of hotel complainers — which one are you?

There are plenty of travel writers telling us how to complain effectively when things go wrong. But have you ever stopped to think about why you’re complaining in the first place? Making sure your motives are right may be the best way to get what you want.

When bad guests happen to good people

The world is full of troublemakers. Odds are, at some point, some of them will be staying in the hotel room next to yours. What can you do to protect yourself when your fellow guests are rude, crude or downright dangerous?