Photos: Fiestas de San Mateo, Logroño, Spain

This wine harvest fiesta in Logroño, Spain, takes place on September 21st in the midst of the capital of the Rioja wine region. This is one of the premier wine regions of Spain and Logroño is one of Spain’s richest cities. Internationally-known vineyards like Marques de Riscal, Sierra Cantabria, Muga and C.U.N.E. surround this city. They produce the unique Rioja wines that were some of the first to make their ways into the wine palate of the world.

Photos: Vineyards of Santorini, Greece

Greece may be the cradle of winemaking. As long as 6,500 years ago wine here was an important part of life, of the economy, of Mediterranean trade. We don’t tend to think of Greece as a wine country, but it may be the mother country of wine in the Mediterranean world. Greek colonies spread to Italy, France and Spain and everywhere they went they planted vines that would thrive.

Photos: The pastel party on the Greek island of Ios

The island of Ios has been called wild, transformative, magical, amazing, clear and clean. That it is. Believed to be the burial place of Homer, it has become one of the party centers of Europe. However, if partying is still de rigeur for the young, I find its sweeping pallet of pastel colors as dizzying as any snifter of brandy.

Photos: Stairways to Santorini, Greece

Craig DeThomas made it from the Italian side of the Adriatic to Greece and then to the island of the Aeolian Sea. He left clouds, the occasional drizzle and ochre yellow and Sienna reds of Italy for the brilliant pastels of Greece. First Stop — Santorini with its volcanic beaches and towns that climb the steep hillsides. He found a great perspective.

Photos: Architecture of Dusseldorf blended with upcoming fall festival

Photographer Craig DeThomas went to Dusseldorf to visit old friends. Now, this town is not one of the touristic stops of most American travelers, but the city is rich with industry and history and is forward looking. It’s architecture is striking and changes Craig’s normal search for the quaint and historic into an eye for modern building statements.

Photos: Summer in Amsterdam — gritty and free

It’s been 20-something years since I wandered these canals. They haven’t changed much. Not much seems to have changed since way back then. The canals still still etch their will on this city and its people find ways to enjoy them.

Photos: The colors of Venice

I got off the train in Venice and stepped into a photographer’s dream. Only trouble, it seems, is that every other photographer has been there. Here’s my camera’s look at the sparkling colors of Venice.

Photos: Aachen, Germany, Charlemagne’s city

Photographer Craig DeThomas continues his journey across Europe. He got off the train in Aachen, Germany. I’m not sure why, but the town is a warren of streets surrounding a giant cathedral built while Charlemagne was Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.