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    FAA funding bill may mean big changes for fliers — or none

FAA funding bill may mean big changes for fliers — or none

An impending fight in Congress this spring over the Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill could affect your next flight, for better or worse.

No more lost luggage? It’s not science fiction

Lost items are a top annoyance on the verge of being eliminated, according to technology experts. Tracking technology is changing the world of lost and found.

Beware of travel industry doublespeak

Airlines, car rental companies, hotels and cruise lines are using doublespeak to push their own agendas. Whatever these companies claim is for our own good, is for their.

Should airlines be re-regulated?

Soaring airfares and passenger discontent are stoking the long-dormant embers of regulation in Washington. Last week, a prominent airline-traveler advocacy organization call for DOT regulation.

Uh-oh! Hotel resort fees are on the rise

Don't look now, but those reviled mandatory resort fees are on the rise — and in places you might not expect.

The online-travel soap opera — and what it means to you

For the average traveler, it’s hard to figure out whether these sales mean anything at all. So what if Expedia bought its former rival? And does it really matter who owns Orbitz?
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    Does this blizzard expose the travel industry’s cold heart?

Does this blizzard expose the travel industry’s cold heart?

Travel companies shouldn't wait for a reason to show compassion. Every day should be a snow day. Why? Because it's right.

Economy class gets an upgrade – or is it a downgrade?

Not all upgrades are the same. In fact, Alaska’s and Delta’s are worth closer looks, because they offer dramatically different visions of air travel in 2015.

Oh, you want a comfortable airline seat? That’ll be extra

Bob Bradenbaugh thought he'd booked an economy class seat when he flew from Miami to Barcelona on American Airlines recently. It turns out he'd only bought half a seat.

How refundable are airline fees? Not so much

Christopher Elliott looks into whether airlines are refunding extra fees when the service is not used by the passenger. Not very often and with difficulty.