When Congress swallows a big lie

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Are airlines pulling a bait-and-switch?

I receive regular missives from readers about disappearing prices, most commonly airfares. Technology experts blame the problem on caching, or storing the fares to make them faster to access online. They say that caching sometimes allows a fare to show as available when it’s already purchased. But once you try to book it, the system will return an error and point you to the next available fare, which is usually more expensive.
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    What’s the difference between a “shoppable” and “bookable” rate?

What’s the difference between a “shoppable” and “bookable” rate?

Christine Volk's question may be one of those imponderables that can only be asked but never answered: In the travel industry, what's the difference between a "shoppable" and "bookable" rate?
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    Hey travelers, here’s a little news flash about flash sales

Hey travelers, here’s a little news flash about flash sales

Annable is unhappy that neither Holland America nor his travel agent could adjust his fare. After all, even airlines allow a 24-hour grace period for cancellations.
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    Why I love Delta’s new loyalty program – and why you’ll probably hate it

Why I love Delta’s new loyalty program – and why you’ll probably hate it

For the first time in decades, the cold reality of the SkyMiles program will send many of us into mileage-collecting rehab, where we can be weaned from our frequent flier addiction and finally make a more informed and rational booking decision.

Travelers feel the pressure to act now

No one seems to know how the TV in Room 1018 of the Wyndham Avenue Plaza Resort in New Orleans ended up with several long, deep scratches on the screen that made it unwatchable. And if they do, they’re not talking.

The truth about “transparent” airfares

Airlines are trying to change the law to allow them to advertise low teaser prices to entice customers into websites, then add more taxes and fees screen-by-screen before revealing the full price of travel. We expect that, but we don't expect Congress to go along.

My WiFi left me on vacation

When traveling in Europe and elsewhere, don't take getting a good wireless signal for granted.

Is it safe to go in the water this summer?

When Ken Siegfried heard that the U.S. Consulate General in Hamilton, Bermuda, had issued a warning about ongoing dumping of raw sewage off the island’s south coast, he had flashbacks to a visit to the British territory last summer.

Traveling with pets may cost you more than you think

A carry-on bag is included in Lana Joseph’s ticket price whenever she flies from Cleveland to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., on United Airlines. But if that carry-on includes Molly, her six-pound Yorkshire terrier, Joseph has to cough up an additional $250 round-trip.