Is there a cure for the upselling epidemic?

Upselling — Airlines do it by quietly restricting the terms on their tickets. Cruise lines resort to good old-fashioned salesmanship. And the entire travel industry does it better, thanks to sophisticated software.

Sizing up the sincerity of corporate apologies

Jason Landman’s stateroom on the Carnival Miracle vibrated from the moment his ship cast off in Long Beach, Calif., until it docked seven days later. “It shook and rattled literally from start to finish of the cruise,” he says. When he complained about the noise in Cabin 7243, he says a cruise line representative offered […]

The hidden cost of ‘stupid’ tourists

Tourists do the dumbest things. If you don’t believe me, then maybe you should have joined me on my drive through Yellowstone National Park yesterday. Look! There’s someone trying to take a selfie with an elk! Mind those unsupervised children running into a busy highway. And look out! There’s one getting too close to a […]

Dreaded fees come to vacation rentals

Rhonda Moret’s vacation rental in Park City, Utah, came with a few surprises. First, there was a $25 “check-in” fee when she arrived, which, though disclosed in the fine print of her contract, was unexpected. And then there was a mandatory $200 “cleaning” fee for her unit after she checked out. Neither was part of […]

Airplanes’ space wars are shifting to the human rights front

Do you have the right to room on a plane? If you answered “no,” you’re probably with the majority of American travelers. After all, airlines are private companies, and you always have the option of paying more for an upgraded seat, don’t you? But recent efforts by consumer advocates are turning the conventional wisdom about […]