Travel — the most memorable scrapbooks of our lives

It has been my honor in life to engage in heart-to-heart talks with people who were severely ill or at the end of their earthly visitations. In each case, they reached into their mental scrapbooks and turned to the pages of their lives that brought them the most pleasure. All of them spoke about their travels.

Why you should travel to Tunisia

Why in the world would you WANT to travel to Tunisia? Of course you’ll want to wait until there is calm again, but you should definitely pencil in Tunisia in the future.

The coolest drink at the hottest spas in Tucson

Spa cognoscenti who have jet-setted around the globe have discovered a world-class destination right here in the USA–in Tucson, Arizona. The resorts are luxurious, and the spa food and drink are not the sprouts-and-wheat-grass-juice horrors you imagine; the fare is varied and sophisticated, and the drink du jour, Prickly Pear Cactus Margaritas, deserves the raves it is garnering.

From 5-star to farm: How about a little agritourism?

A few weeks ago, in Portugal, someone suggested that my husband and I stay at a farm three kilometers from Evora in the Alentego region. Farm? As in Old MacDonald, with an oink oink here and a moo moo there? Sure, sure, we said. It’s an adventure. And we’re always up for that.

LIFE IS A TRIP: The Transformative Magic of Travel

What is travel and what is tourism? For me, tourism is seeing the world from behind glass—in a hotel, a bus, a restaurant. You go to another country, and watch the people from a safe distance, while you check off sites in a guidebook. Travel means, above all, that you interact with people and experience […]

A journey through hallowed ground

A few weeks ago, I went on the newly-established Journey Through Hallowed Ground– that spans Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland, and extends roughly from Gettysburg to Monticello–and I learned more in 11 days and 180 miles than I did in all my schooling.

7 tips for coming back home

The worst part of travel is actually coming home. One day you are in Peru, gaping at Machu Picchu or in Quebec City, learning about why the English and the French both coveted the area. Maybe you’ve been cycling in Italy, trekking in Nepal, cruising down the Nile in Egypt, or sauna hopping in Finland. The next day, you open the door to your digs and…chaos.

Look north, America

A few days ago, my husband Paul and I took a water taxi to Norris Point, in Newfoundland, and tried to get a cab to go to the Lobster Cove Head lighthouse, where a rug hooking class was taking place. The taxis were busy, the class was starting, and I asked a man who was walking toward his car if he could give us a lift. “Of course,” he beamed. He had four people in his small vehicle, and they all scrunched and squeezed to make room for us. Then they insisted on taking us to a lookout point before dropping us off at the lighthouse.

My furry Valentine

As the holiday of hearts approaches, you’re probably thinking long-stemmed roses served on a breakfast tray in a 5-star hotel. Then, hmmm … snuggling, doing the love thang, champagne, chocolate, doing the love thang again, bundling up for a hand-holding stroll, dinner, a show and home again. The odds are slim that your amorous thoughts turn to things that creep and crawl and fly. But what if Cupid inspired you to do just that — think of animals for Valentine’s Day? One equatorial word immediately leaps to the lips: Galapagos.

Nightmare on Craig’s List

My Craigie episode started a few months ago when my husband and I decided we desperately needed a vacation. Truth be told, I am not sure we’ve ever taken a vacation. As travel journalists and photographers, we’re always writing, shooting, taking notes and stumbling over stories, even when we don’t mean to.