Amazonia: Not your typical tourist destination

I am a hiker. But at home, no one uses a machete to blaze the trail prior to walking on it as Souza, our Amazon guide, did, creating a path in the overgrown rainforest step by step. Slicing, swatting, swooping, chopping, no branch, bush, vine or twig was safe. The hike was one of four daily activities during our 8-day adventure exploring Amazonia.

Breath-holding beauty, unique geologic formations — Thy name is Utah

In Utah, five mystical worlds have been created over millions of years by the movement of the earth, water and wind, rain and draught, freezes and thaws and, especially, erosion. Even today, these same elements continue to change the face of the parks. After more than 150 million years, they are still works in progress.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina — Gullah culture revival

Few people would think that Michelle Obama and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas have much in common but they would be wrong. Both are part of the small but unique Gullah community, primarily residing in South Carolina and Georgia but whose roots extend from Wilmington, North Carolina to St. Augustine, Florida, descendants of slaves from the early 18th century who share a common language, culture, history and food.

Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay: A True Surrealistic Watercolor

In the 1992 movie Indochine, credited with putting Ha Long Bay on the map, Catherine Deneuve describes it as “the most remote outpost of Indochina.” Today, the bay still retains that end-of-the-Earth, Lord-of-the-Rings-on–water quality.

Uganda Safari: Among the best no matter how much they try to talk you out of it

Immediately as we entered the park, a handsome water buck sprinted across the road followed by an assortment of other antelopes and a number of elephants standing around oblivious to the clicking of cameras around them. Shortly thereafter, we were immersed in baboons, cape buffalo, giraffes, warthogs and the occasional hyena.

Nepal: Changing lives one library at a time

READ (Rural Education and Development) Global, is transforming the lives of villagers throughout Nepal. The idea of Nepalese having a sense of their own power in furthering the libraries is still in its infancy but has tremendous potential for future development.

Confucius: Life Beyond the “Golden Rule”

The renowned Golden Rule — ”Do unto others as you would have others do unto you” — originated with Confucius more than 2,500 years ago. Fyllis Hockman shares her trip to Confucius’ hometown in China.