Nepal: Changing lives one library at a time

READ (Rural Education and Development) Global, is transforming the lives of villagers throughout Nepal. The idea of Nepalese having a sense of their own power in furthering the libraries is still in its infancy but has tremendous potential for future development.

Confucius: Life Beyond the “Golden Rule”

The renowned Golden Rule — ”Do unto others as you would have others do unto you” — originated with Confucius more than 2,500 years ago. Fyllis Hockman shares her trip to Confucius’ hometown in China.

Mohonk: Sumptuous Old-World flavor tastefully wrapped in casual elegance

A Rogue’s Gallery of famous people and family members who contributed to the long history of Mohonk Mountain House features pictures of Rockefellers, Vanderbilts and Carnegies who vacationed here along with several presidents and other heads of state. Around every corner, a rocking chair, lounge chair, or settee looking out on yet another beautiful view.

Stewart Island: The “other” New Zealand island

Stewart Island, 674 isolated square miles of land to the south of South Island that very few New Zealanders visit, much less anyone else, is the only place in New Zealand where you can spot kiwis, the native bird that few natives ever see.

Amelia Island: A town time forgot — thank goodness

It’s a town time forgot — or maybe it just refused to move forward. Serene and unpretentious, Amelia Island remains in the 1900s — reveling in its long, colorful history, quite aware it no longer has to prove anything to the rest of the world.

Namibia — Where arid desert meets frigid sea

The country is on the southwest coast of Africa and is named after The Namib, a 1,200-mile-long stretch of real estate where scorching desert in stunning contrast overlaps frigid sea. Water, wind, sand and sun play off each other to create a unique visual landscape that challenges the most versatile of photographers.

Sipping vino and savoring vistas in Tuscany

Wandering the hilly, narrow cobblestone streets in our home base of Montalcino, Italy, a Medieval city of interlocking passageways, steps and alleyways curving around and through and behind and beyond the main square, I reminded myself I was walking through history spanning eight hundred years.

The Newseum: Where the news is news

Cited as a “technological marvel,” the Newseum presents five centuries of news history over 7 floors, 14 galleries, 15 theaters and 130 hands-on exhibits with the focus on the story behind the stories, where how news is made and how it is reported is itself the big news.