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The Trans Siberian Railway – crunch time

With less than a month to go on a month-long trip, it's crunch time for Nick Hawkins as he hops on the Trans-Siberian Railway for a solo adventure. But in true 2009 style, the adventure will be tracked by GPS, Twittered, blogged and Facebooked the entire way.
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Soccer rankings, travel planning and the South Pacific

Nick Hawkins takes his random FIFA method of selecting travel destinations to the South Pacific with interesting results. He discovers a few unexpected corners of island paradises.
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Discovering off-the-the-beaten-path destinations using soccer ratings

Deciding where to travel can take many forms. Nick Hawkins decided to make plans for the coming year according to soccer ratings and discovered plenty of Caribbean gems. Sometimes off-the-wall decisions take travelers to out-of-the-way destinations.
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Stuff I like: 7 travel accessories that make awesome holiday gifts

With the holidays upon us, every travel pundit is telling you what to buy. After admiring last year's lists, Nick Hawkins decided to throw down his credit card to buy some of these recommended gadgets and accessories. Big mistake.
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Two international trusted traveler programs that work

Two of Customs and Border Patrol's Trusted Traveler programs -- NEXUS and Global Entry -- have been getting a lot of press lately as a way to speed up entry back into the US at major airports. Nick Hawkins has had extensive experience with these programs and found them immensely helpful.
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The Trans-Siberian Railway for beginners: the sequel

Nick Hawkins continues his planning for an upcoming trip on the Trans-Siberian Express. He takes travelers through city stops, purchasing tickets, reserving hotels, getting visas and thoughts about immunizations and necessary medicines.
By |November 21st, 2008|Today|1 Comment|

Why the DHS laptop seizure policy doesn’t worry me

For the last week or so, I’ve been bombarded with complaints about how many travelers believe that now they will be a target of the (say it with me now in a menacing voice) the evil Bush administration and have their electronic gadgets seized while they return from a trip abroad. Balderdash!
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Planning an adventure on the Trans-Siberian Railway

I've never been one who enjoys taking packaged tours. It keeps you confined and in your comfort element and you end up spending time with other Westerners. Since it's been a few years since my last real "adventure", I started to plan a trip across Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railway.
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4 cool ways to upgrade your vacation with Google

Why wait for Google Travel, the long-awaited travel initiative from the search engine giant? You can Google your trip now.
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Don’t become a data-loss statistic: 3 tips for practicing safe computing on the road

University of Utah officials this week admitted that a metal box of backup tapes containing billing records of about 2.2 million patients was stolen from the car of a courier. Don't let the same thing happen to you. Here's how.
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