Why are travel agents turning their backs on Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines has one of the most consumer-friendly images in the airline industry, and its “bags fly free” and “no change fees” are a big part of that. But Southwest does have fees. As frequent travelers know, “no change fees” doesn’t mean not paying a hefty fare difference, sometimes for even slight flight changes. And […]

Are seat surcharges contributing to flight delays?

Preferred seat surcharges are a big moneymaker for airlines. At times, these charges are actually as much, or more, than the fare itself. This clearly helps with profits. While not a scientific study, more and more I’m seeing and hearing from clients that these fees have an unintended consequence — delayed flights. Basically, with an […]

You’ll never get that mileage upgrade! Here are six reasons why

For many travelers, frequent flier miles are less about free tickets than about getting out of the sardine-can seating in the back of the plane. Since airlines would of course prefer to sell those premium seats, booking in advance has historically made a big difference. Even if upgrades are sold out, or the carrier has not […]

Why you still want a paper travel itinerary, and what you want on it.

It’s hard to believe that there was a time in the not-too-distant past when travelers needed paper tickets to fly. And even when there was an e-ticket option, many preferred having actual tickets in hand. These days, not only are almost all tickets electronic, many people travel casually with no paper at all. But, in […]