Delta customer service fails Air France/KLM passengers from the US

Delta and Air France/KLM need to clean up their code sharing and customer service. When there is no one at the customer service counter or answering the phone who knows what is happening with changing airline tickets issued by code share partners, customers can be left high and dry.

Why standby fees are a lose-lose for airlines and consumers

If flying standby on an earlier flight benefits both the airline and the passenger, why can’t an airline be flexible? This is a tale about a passenger, forced to wait for his original flight, who eventually faces delays. It could have been worse. But, it didn’t have to happen.

Are airline VIP programs exacerbating “affluenza”?

It doesn’t really bother me to know VIP travelers get special check-in desks, gate-to-gate service when a connecting flight is late, priority for waitlists and upgrades, and so on. But every once in a while it feels like some travelers cross the line.

Hilton tests $50 “cancellation” fee

Hotel cancellation policies have long been a source of contention between travelers and the hotels. Yhis policy — if adopted chain-wide — are unlikely to help.

5 ways you could still escape to the warmth this holiday season

Every year, a few of my travel agency’s clients are shocked — shocked! — when I tell them the holidays are a busy time for travel. They assume everyone wants to be home with their families. Amazingly, some people want to get away from families.