5 ways you could still escape to the warmth this holiday season

Every year, a few of my travel agency’s clients are shocked — shocked! — when I tell them the holidays are a busy time for travel. They assume everyone wants to be home with their families. Amazingly, some people want to get away from families.

Wanna get away? Not quite like this.

Southwest called it a “technical glitch.” Travelers called it a nightmare. When Southwest Airlines’ computers malfunctioned last Sunday — Los Angeles International Airport referred to it in a tweet as a “nationwide passenger processing system outage” — the airline was forced to check in many travelers manually at the airport. The result? Hundreds of flight […]

When complaining about travel, timing can be (almost) everything

My clients meticulously booked their 16-day trip to Scotland and Ireland months in advance. And our agency worked with Celebrated Experiences, a tour operator, to get an itinerary featuring daily touring with deluxe hotels. They also were interested in learning about both countries while they traveled and had decided to include private cars and drivers […]