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    “Guaranteed late arrival” a sure thing for the hotel, less so for the traveler

“Guaranteed late arrival” a sure thing for the hotel, less so for the traveler

There was a time, not so long ago, when many hotels would allow travelers to make reservations on a “6 p.m. hold.”

Planning a vacation family trip to Europe? On Lufthansa sitting together now may cost you

Lufthansa, United's major European partner, is instituting a pay-for-long-haul-seat-assignment policy of their own. Families who get separated, will not be pleased.
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Are too many discounts and deals adding stress to travel?

These days travelers have never had a wider choice of ways to get deals. On flights, hotels, cruises, rental cars ... you name it — deals are everywhere. So it would seem to be a golden age for bargain hunters. But, it is not. What's the problem?
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When all else fails — read the darn rules

No one likes paying unnecessary travel penalties. And, travel agents and consumer advocates do our best to help when travelers are unjustly charged. Unfortunately, while suppliers can and do make mistakes, there are many times when the problem could have been avoided in the first place if the travelers actually paid attention and read the contract before they put money down.
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The best tip for a great hotel stay — get a human involved

These days, there are all kinds of commercials and online ads for great hotel websites and apps, all intimating that booking through them will get you some glorious room or suite at a good price. While certainly, there are some website deals out there on everything from the smallest rooms to suites, if travelers really care about the room they are reserving, old-fashioned human involvement could be their best bet.
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Celebrity rewards an honest cruiser with potential norovirus. Is this a model for other lines?

While, no doubt, some people know they aren't feeling well when they board, others can have symptoms come on suddenly. And, with the "it's my vacation, I've paid for it, I'm going to enjoy it" mentality, not to mention the cost of an onboard doctor's visit, many travelers may avoid visiting the infirmary. Would free medical care and refunds help?
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So is loyalty to an airline worth it? Two basic questions for every traveler

The two basic questions all travelers contemplating joining a frequent flier program and planning to commit to a single airline or alliance have to ask themselves are the same — What is my goal? Is it reachable?
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Traveling with the wrong identification, not as sinister, or uncommon, as it might appear

It is not hard to imagine how people with means are tempted to buy stolen passports, especially if they want to move permanently. More than likely, the two with stolen passports were skirting immigration rules.
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Clamping down on carry-ons? Four issues with United’s new policy

United Airlines is cracking down on carry-on overload. The airline will tell workers at security checkpoint entrances to eyeball passengers for over-sized bags. Plus, it is putting out bag-sizing boxes at airports before security.
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Delta’s new frequent flier policy — a war on corporate travel departments and leisure travelers?

Delta Airlines has raised the frequent flier program ante, by announcing a switch in 2015 to an all dollar-based mileage system, where award miles depend solely on the price you pay.
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