How cruise line cancellation and quarantine policies can exacerbate the norovirus problem.

As much as the media loves to report on the latest cruise ship norovirus outbreak, in reality, most people cruise happily without any health issues. Plus, to be fair, sometimes people who report feeling ill may also be feeling the effect of a few two many “Bahama Mamas” or the equivalent, not to mention sun, potential late nights, richer food than normal, etc. etc. However, for those unlikely cruises who end up on one of the unlucky cruises, it can be truly miserable. Even a day’s discomfort out of precious vacation time can feel much too long.

Airlines expect our patience and understanding, where’s the reciprocity?

Airlines can have delay after delay and change in schedule after change in schedule. But, when passengers have to make changes (often because of an airline’s changes), they get slapped with hefty change fees and a change in airfare. It is not just. Airlines should bear some burden of their random schedule changes and cancellations.

5 reasons to consider a travel agent for a hotel staycation

Many travelers who prefer to do it themselves for simple trips will only call a travel agent for something complicated or exotic. But, in many cases when someone is looking for a special short getaway to a local hotel or resort, a travel agent might be more valuable than they think.

Worse than taxes or fare hikes — is it time to regulate fuel surcharges?

As most travelers know, airline regulation has been a mixed bag for fares. Recently the government has at least stepped in to require airlines at least to be honest in their pricing. But to my mind, the most dishonest part of an airfare is not the fare but the mandatory, and seemingly arbitrary, fuel surcharge.

8 end-of-year travel tips

As the year draws to a close, it’s too late for a mileage run. But it’s not too late to do a little travel housekeeping. Any travelers who has a little extra time might consider these tips which could save time, money and/or hassles in the year to come.