Turbulent times for airline magazines

Tim LeffelWith airlines cutting back on service and travel companies cutting their ad budgets, your in-flight magazine may be getting lighter than air.

6 alternatives to predatory international cell phone bills

Tim LeffelWe are used to cheap or unlimited cell phone and data plans at home. Step out of your home country’s borders however, and you had better have a backup plan. Tim Leffel offers six ways to avoid paying a fortune to your wireless carrier.

World traveler? You may not be wanted at the blood bank

It’s not just gay heroin addicts from West Africa who get shown the door at the bloodmobile. Tim Leffel says if you travel outside the U.S. regularly, you may want to do some research before you make a special trip to go donate blood.

Ghost towns and glaciers of the Canadian Rockies

Tim LeffelThe mountainous regions of British Colombia and Alberta in Canada are places where the journey truly is as exciting as the destination. Winding through the snowy mountains in a train or cruising in a car up the Icefields Parkway, nature displays one unbelievable panorama after another.

For a summer travel bargain, head to Honduras

Staycation, schmaycation! Sure, flight prices are going up all over and this is probably not a good year to take a summer trip to Europe. But in Honduras, the travel bargains are as plentiful as tropical fish on a coral reef. Tim Leffel has the details.

More thrills per dollar at regional amusement parks

Take a family of four to one of the big corporate theme parks for a weekend and you could easily be looking at a tab of $700 before you even factor in gas and lodging. Tim Leffel says you don’t have to spend the equivalent of two car payments just to ride some roller coasters and hit the Tilt-a-Whirl.