4 reasons new carry-on bag sizes won’t fly

After creating conditions that have led to overcrowding of inflight luggage bins, the airline solution is to make allowable carry-on bags smaller. Fees for checked bags and more passengers packed into planes means smaller carry-ons are in order.

Splendor of Longwood Gardens and nearby Pennsylvania

As spring was fading and this year’s tulips were looking worn, I took the opportunity to go to Longwood Gardens, just over the Maryland border in southern Pennsylvania. I have heard about these gardens with reverence reserved for Versailles in France or Tivoli Gardens, outside of Rome. And, Longwood Gardens lived up to their hype. […]

Consumers say "No" to increases in government fees and taxes on air travel

This is a letter that was sent to all members of the Senate Commerce Committee and the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee regarding calls to increase fees on airline passengers. Let Congress clearly hear, “We don’t want any increases in airport, agriculture inspection or customs and immigration fees.” TO: Members of the Senate Commerce Committee […]