Consumers say "No" to increases in government fees and taxes on air travel

This is a letter that was sent to all members of the Senate Commerce Committee and the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee regarding calls to increase fees on airline passengers. Let Congress clearly hear, “We don’t want any increases in airport, agriculture inspection or customs and immigration fees.” TO: Members of the Senate Commerce Committee […]

Pet peeves and habits behind the wheel

If you spend any time behind the wheel of a car, you probably know them well — those drivers who clog up your favorite roads, staring down into their smartphones all the while. The study is Expedia’s yearly analysis of driving etiquette — a statistical way to kick off the summer road trip season. Data […]

High-beam on headlight limitations

New test results from AAA reveal the potential for significant headlight shortcomings when traveling on roadways that lack overhead lighting, typically America’s rural roads, which account for 40 percent of vehicle miles traveled annually. To assess headlight capabilities and limitations and learn what, if any, advantage advanced headlight technologies offer, AAA compared the performance of […]

Scenic airports, new mistaken airfare rules, avoid summer delays

World’s 10 most scenic airport approaches I’m sorry, but I still think that flying into Washington-Reagan, landing to the south and taking off to the north, is one of the great scenic experiences. But, everyone evidently doesn’t agree with me. Here is a Top 10 picked by editors at PrivateFly, a global booking platform for […]

Benefits of Open Skies Agreements

This question and answer article was published in a special edition of the Emirates Open Skies inflight magazine. Charles Leocha is Chairman of ‘Travelers United’ (formerly Consumer Travel Alliance), which advocates for travelers to US legislators, regulators and industry associations. The US Secretary of Transportation has appointed Mr. Leocha to the Advisory Committee for Aviation Consumer […]

Robot room service, DUFL changes packing, legroom vs. safety

This weekend we present a look at the future of room service and packing. Plus, we bring up an article about legroom and safety that was prompted by the recent DOT Advisory Committee for Aviation Consumer Protection. Should the FAA get involved with personal space on planes? Should humans be guaranteed humane conditions? The dawn […]

Senate rattles the airlines’ personal airfares and privacy plans

Last week a group of senators, after conferring with the Senate Commerce Committee, decided to speak out about personalization of airfares and privacy issues. Fairness, privacy, common carrier and basic deception issues are involved with plans for personalized pricing by the airlines. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has created an entire information technology structure […]