Take a flight and starve

Doug Lipp feels sorry for “rookie” travelers who think business or vacation travel means good food, drink and relaxation. His suggestions might curb hunger pangs.

Airline pre-boarding is a joke no one is laughing at

As the population of travelers rises with the temperature outdoors, it is more apparent every day that we have become a nation of “needy” people. Either that, or the airlines have greatly relaxed their definition of what it takes to board early.

It’s time to stop the baggage fee insanity — now!

Don’t you love those delightful souls who drag aboard suitcases large enough to contain a small nation and still insist “it’s carry on.” The salt in the wound is when flight attendants then get to break the news to countless other passengers: “We’ll have to check your bag, the overhead bins are full.” Grrr.

Why I hate Spring Break

Ahh, the signs of the Spring are everywhere: The weather is slowly getting warmer, snow is thawing, beautiful flowers are starting to bloom and there are fewer overcoats falling from the overhead spaces on trains and airplanes. Oh yeah, one other thing … airports and hotels are jammed with Spring Break students.

Real road warriors don’t need exercise rooms

Road warriors are an amazingly creative and resilient bunch of people. I was reminded of this recently when I gave a presentation at a convention for health club owners and managers. As could be expected, most were walking, talking models of physical excellence; not an extra ounce of body fat to be found in the whole convention center.

What would you do with an extra inch?

The armrest on an economy class seat is the most valued inch on a plane. This thin little strip of sacred territory is undoubtedly the cause of more in-flight angst than anything else.

Stop! Don’t touch or eat anything!

Salmonella. E. coli. The influenza virus. We’re surrounded by a stew of infectious crud that’s just waiting for the opportunity to invade our bodies and wreak havoc when we travel.

A quiet room? I’m sorry, we don’t have any of those

All seasoned road warriors know the drill. At check-in, to ensure a blissful stay, ask for a room away from ice-makers, elevators, party people and the newlyweds. But too often, the staff who check us in don’t seem to know anything about the layout of their own property.