The new meetings mantra — less flash, more function

Last month the Treasury Department published new rules around meetings and conventions for companies receiving TARP funds. When or if companies loosen their purse strings and allow employees to attend meetings and conventions again, expect a lot less flash and a lot more scrutiny.

The road ahead for business travelers

Some travel industry conferences are so much better than others and I’ve just returned from a zinger. The Association of Travel Marketing Executives met in Las Vegas last month, and I picked up several nifty nuggets of business travel intelligence that road warriors will see play out in the coming year. Here’s a sampling.

Enough with the summer travel spin!

I’ve been tracking travel trends since 1988. Every year at about this time, the news is flush with polls, predictions and prognostications for the upcoming summer travel season. So let’s examine this week’s AP-Gfk poll that produced gloomy headlines such as, Fewer Americans Vacationing This Summer. Really?