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A litany of burgeoning rental car taxes and fees

TruPrice, the travel technology company that threw you the keys to ancillary airline fees, now drives thousands of car rental fees out into the open.
By |November 8th, 2010|Today|1 Comment|

Delta’s rating as “America’s Meanest Carrier” adds to the suspense as Southwest lurks in Atlanta

Christopher Muise of TruPrice.net looks at the pending problems faced by Delta in Atlanta from the Southwest purchase of AirTran. He expects loyalty slippage.
By |November 2nd, 2010|Today|11 Comments|

JetBlue’s “You Above All” ads may bring unwanted attention to their dozens of other fees

Chris Muise takes a look at jetBlue’s clever ads lampooning the audacity of the major carriers for tacking on baggage and other ancillary fees. According to Jones, “JetBlue has joined Southwest in launching pointed ads aimed at competitors who charge extra fees that irk many passengers.” But what about jetBlue’s fees?
By |October 28th, 2010|Today|3 Comments|

Southwest-AirTran? What about fees? First class? Who should worry?

Christopher Miuse, the CEO and founder of TruPrice.net, one of the pioneers of airline fee tracking, has his own ideas about what the Southwest/AirTran merger will mean for the industry. He is not buying the Southwest line that they will remain a no-baggage-fee, single-class, open-seating airline after the merger with AirTran. He says the no-baggage-fee mantra will stay, but everything else may and probably will change. Plus, he adds an end-of-the-post shocker.
By |September 28th, 2010|Today|13 Comments|