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Ned S. Levi has traveled the world as an engineer and business executive. He is the founder of NSL Associates, a Tech Consulting company, and is a well known professional photographer specializing in travel and wildlife photography. Ned writes about photography in the NSL Travel Photography Blog.

Amtrak rail cars need safety upgrades

Amtrak is installing automatic train control throughout the Northeast Corridor, but Ned Levi questions if that improvement is enough, while identifying and discussing rail car safety issues.

Railroad passenger safety tips to survive accidents

Amtrak train 188 derailed in Philadelphia last week, killing 8 and injuring more than 150. Ned Levi discusses what rail passengers can do to increase their survivability in case they're involved in a train accident.
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    Current cruise ship visitations to Venice likely unsustainable?

Current cruise ship visitations to Venice likely unsustainable?

Venice is one of the world's most popular cruise destinations. Ned Levi examines the effects of mega-ships that appear to be making this tourism unsustainable.

Feeling squeezed in your airplane’s economy seating?

Airlines are squeezing more rows into the economy class cabin of their aircraft, reducing seat pitch and legroom. Ned Levi looks at seating challenges for economy passengers.

Is it time to retire TSA’s full body scanners?

Ned Levi examines the cost, safety, and efficacy of TSA's MMW based full body scanners in an effort to determine if TSA should retire them from service at this time.

The TSA budget — the wrong programs have priority

Ned Levi examined the TSA budget and found it shows their program's priorities make no sense and are upside down at best.

12 tips to protect belongings while traveling

Last month I wrote a two part series about “Choosing business and leisure travel luggage.” In it, I discussed

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    GAO: US air traffic control system vulnerable to terrorist attack

GAO: US air traffic control system vulnerable to terrorist attack

The GAO has released a report damning the FAA's ATC security spelling out security shortcomings. Ned Levi examines the report and solutions in detail.

Is maintenance failure endemic at Southwest Airlines?

Last week, Southwest Airlines confessed that they didn't comply with required FAA maintenance schedules. Ned Levi examines the issue and the FAA's poor enforcement.

Six tips from Ansel Adams for making your travel photos

Six tips from the great photographer, Ansel Adams, to improve your travel photos. Travelers can still learn how to make great travel photographs from this great American photographer and environmentalist.
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