What not to ignore when packing for trips

When making packing decisions, consider airline baggage limitations and liability limits, governmental airport security prohibitions and regulations, and travel health needs.

Clothing options when flying

Whether on a short flight, or a transoceanic flight, how you dress can make a difference to your health, comfort, mood at landing, and whether or not you’re permitted to fly at all. Ned Levi has tips to help you dress well for your flights.

Ned’s top tips to choose a cruise ship cabin wisely

Choosing a cruise ship cabin is getting more difficult as the number of cabin categories soars and the potential options, amenities and services multiply. Ned Levi’s top tips for choosing a cabin will help you sort it out.

Safeguarding your privacy, identity and data while traveling

Keeping you laptop, tablet and smartphone secure from hackers requires vigilant, proactive measures to safeguard traveler privacy, businesses, families, and identities. Ned Levi has a dozen safeguard actions travelers can employ to prevent their devices from being hacked.