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Ned S. Levi has traveled the world as an engineer and business executive. He is the founder of NSL Associates, a Tech Consulting company, and is a well known professional photographer specializing in travel and wildlife photography. Ned writes about photography in the NSL Travel Photography Blog.

10 annoying airport traveler peeves

Air travel is already stressful enough without other travelers adding to it. Here are Ned Levi's top 10 annoying airport peeves.
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6 road-trip tips about distracted driving and safety

Distracted driving leads to about 5,000 US road fatalities each year. Ned Levi suggests ways to avoid distraction on your next road trip.
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Should hotels be allowed to block competing WiFi?

Marriott's Gaylord Opryland was caught blocking WiFi hotspots to force guests on to their expensive network. Ned Levi asks if that should be allowed.
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Are there “reasonable” airline kidnapping safeguards?

Parents of a kidnapped girl are suing two airlines for not taking "reasonable" safeguards to prevent a stranger from flying their daughter with him to another state. Is there a "reasonable" solution.
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15 smart tips for eating safely while traveling

You have to be on guard to eat healthy and safe while traveling. Ned Levi offers 15 tips to eat safe and smart while away from home.
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A dozen tips to combat back pain while flying

Back pain is one of the most common ailments for all adults, and it's particularly problematic for air travelers, especially in economy seating. Ned Levi has a dozen suggestions to help you reduce the problem of inflight back pain.
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    TSA’s “explosive trace detection” needs a dramatic overhaul

TSA’s “explosive trace detection” needs a dramatic overhaul

TSA's "explosive trace detection" is recording far too many false positives causing air travelers to go through significant extra security. Ned Levi discusses the problem.
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    To recline or not recline, that is the question while inflight

To recline or not recline, that is the question while inflight

On Sunday a week ago, a battle broke out in the Economy Plus section of United Airlines flight 1462. A male passenger used a device on the seat in front of him preventing its female passenger. Tempers flared and the captain diverted the flight to Chicago. Ned Levi discusses the incident and the issues of seat recline in economy.
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12 tips for a great hotel night’s sleep

Many travelers find their hotel is not as good as expected and not the easiest to get to sleep, and stay asleep. I've endured so poor hotel rooms in the past myself. Here are my top 12 tips to create a good hotel room sleep environment.
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10 tips for limiting the effects of jet lag

It really doesn't matter whether you're a “Road Warrior” or an infrequent leisure traveler. If you're flying across multiple time zones, you'll likely experience “jet lag” at your destination. Ned Levi has 10 tips for you to limit the effects of "jet lag."
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