IATA’s bogus motive to reduce size of carry-ons

IATA has proposed smaller limits for carry-on bags to ensure all air travelers will have space in planes’ overhead bins. Ned Levi examines the problem and the IATA solution. He concludes the guideline is about profit, not helping passengers.

TSA security test results: Replace humans with machines

TSA recently failed 96% of the Inspector General’s security checkpoint tests. Ned Levi examines DHS Secretary Johnson’s directives to improve TSA to determine if they address their systemic problems which caused the checkpoint test failures.

Debunking 6 air travel myths for new passengers

Later this month the northern hemisphere will usher in summer, heralded by the summer solstice. Of course, on that date, winter starts with the shortest day of the year in the southern hemisphere, but it will be summer up here and time for vacations. With the strength of the US dollar vs. the Euro, Europe […]

Amtrak rail cars need safety upgrades

As the National Transportation Board (NTSB) and the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) have learned more about the Amtrak Train 188 derailment, the FRA has already begun to require Amtrak make changes in its safety systems, but there appears to be other commonsense improvements Amtrak and FRA should at least consider implementing which can save many lives […]

Railroad passenger safety tips to survive accidents

The horror of the Amtrak train 188 derailment last week in Philadelphia, in which eight passengers lost their lives and more than 150 were injured and sent to local hospitals, will live in the survivors’ memories, and those of the families and friends of every passenger and crew member, forever. Since the derailment, passengers, crew, […]

Current cruise ship visitations to Venice likely unsustainable?

In 1987, UNESCO designated Venice as a World Heritage Site, saying “Venice and its Lagoon form an inseparable whole of which the city of Venice is the pulsating historic heart and a unique artistic achievement.” It hosts more than three million tourists annually. For Venetians, tourists arriving by ship has become a serious issue. The […]

Feeling squeezed in your airplane’s economy seating?

More than ever, air travelers are complaining about feeling squeezed in economy class cabins, especially those who are six feet or taller. Compared to flying just a few years ago, most US domestic economy class passengers have a right to complain, as seats have shrunk along with their legroom. Much of the problem is due […]

Is it time to retire TSA’s full body scanners?

TSA relies on its L3 ProVision full body scanners, which use millimeter wave (MMW), terahertz radio frequency technology to detect objects concealed by air travelers at TSA security checkpoints. These scanners are in use at major and midsized US airports, scanning travelers from head to foot looking for weapons, explosives and other prohibited items. It’s […]