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Ned S. Levi has traveled the world as an engineer and business executive. He is the founder of NSL Associates, a Tech Consulting company, and is a well known professional photographer specializing in travel and wildlife photography. Ned writes about photography in the NSL Travel Photography Blog.

Why don’t airlines enforce their carry-on baggage rules?

You’re used to seeing Ned Levi’s column here on Monday, but today it gets a new name: Getting Around. Ned will explore the rules, regulations and policies that make travel better — and worse — and will offer his expert insights into having a better trip.

3 additional rules for packing checked luggage defensively

Not only is packing defensively essential for air travelers due to government and airline liability standards, but due to the amount of electronic gear most air travelers take when away from home, rough treatment of checked and sometimes carry-on luggage, and airline luggage mishandling. Ned Levi discusses packing defensively to counter these problems.

5 rules for packing checked luggage defensively

Many air travelers think there’s nothing worse than having arrived at their destination airport, waiting at the baggage carousel while everyone else picks up their luggage, only to find their bag was lost, ripped or torn; or, when they open their baggage in their hotel, find broken or missing items.

Safety and comfort advice for air travelers

Ned Levi discusses safety and comfort issues for air travelers, including the issues of severe turbulence for airplane passengers, and how to prevent injury if turbulence occurs, as well as a review of the new potential Paperclip armrest design, to help middle seat passengers in Economy.
  • Muskox at Renodde, Scoresby Sund, Greenland, photo by NSL Photography
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    6 safety tips for travelers when viewing and photographing wildlife

6 safety tips for travelers when viewing and photographing wildlife

This summer many will be traveling to locales to see wildlife in its native habitat. Viewing animals in the wild can be dangerous at times. Ned Levi has six tips to stay safe while traveling to see wildlife.

Caution! Train photography can be dangerous

The world has had a romance with trains and railroading since the 19th century. Today train and train station photography is a favorite among travelers and vacationers. Unfortunately, train photography can be dangerous and some have lost their lives photographing trains. Ned Levi discusses train photography and has guidelines to follow to stay safe while photographing them.
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Large numbers of non-members in TSA Precheck lines reveal TSA humbug

Unscreened, unvetted, members of the general air traveling public are regularly being shunted into the under utilized TSA Precheck lines at airport security checkpoints. Ned Levi discusses what this means about US airport security, and what issues it infers.
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Travel theft: smartphones are the #1 target

Smartphones for travel, especially international travel, have almost become de rigueur. Ned Levi discusses the issues and problems of smartphone thefts for travelers, and how to prevent it, as much as possible.
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Don’t make financial mistakes which can ruin your vacation, part 2

Purchasing a summer vacation well, by carefully making vacation choices, and reservations is only the beginning of carefully considering vacation financial issues. In part 2 of this series, Ned Levi discusses more of the potential financial mistakes vacationers can make and how to avoid them.
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