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Wyndham’s non-rewards, expiration without notification

During the holidays, I attempted to log into my Wyndham Rewards account to book a hotel stay and discovered my account had been closed and I had lost 5,500 points, 500 points short of a one-night stay. I contacted Wyndham Rewards and was told that my account had been closed because there had been no activity for 18 months. I was surprised, not at the policy, but because I had never received written or electronic statements or notification of my expiration date.
By |January 11th, 2010|Today|19 Comments|

US Airways: “Our legacy airline peers have an advantage”

Is US Airways suffering because of bad hub location? Consider the following excerpt from the US Airways employee weekly newsletter, About US, dated March 19, 2009.
By |March 23rd, 2009|Today|8 Comments|

Free non-alcoholic beverages returning to US Airways?

It appears that that US Airways is backing down from charging for non-alcholic beverages onboard their flights. Several blog and forum threads led the way with the breaking news about the drink fee rollbacks to become effective March 1.
By |February 23rd, 2009|Today|7 Comments|

Continental Airlines circumvents media with fare class news

Forget press releases. Continental Airlines decided to circumvent the entire mass media when it came to announcing fare class changes for its frequent fliers, and instead posted the news to an online bulletin board.
By |January 7th, 2009|Today|3 Comments|

Oops! Delta posts mileage promotion a little early

Note to Delta Air Lines: Next time you plan a promotion, don't post a live link until you're ready. And please send registration confirmation e-mails. It will save both you and me - and the thousands of other frequent fliers - a lot of time and trouble.
By |December 1st, 2008|Today|2 Comments|

Miles for not flying? What’ll they think of next?

So United Airlines is offering the opportunity to earn bonus miles by buying an expensive ticket? US Airways has done one better: it's offering bonus miles on mileage purchases.
By |October 15th, 2008|Today|5 Comments|

Hurricane Gustav flight alert: here’s what you need to know

As Hurricane Gustav moves toward Louisiana's coast, expect massive disruptions at Gulf Coast-area airports. But if you're an air traveler, you don't have to be left in the dark.
By |August 30th, 2008|Today|2 Comments|

Broken promises: Delta starts de-hubbing in Cincinnati

Is Delta Air Lines de-hubbing Cincinnati ahead of its merger with Northwest Airlines? It sure looks that way. Although the airline claims it isn't, it appears the cutting has already begun.
By |August 29th, 2008|Today|5 Comments|

Have an airline voucher to redeem? Read this first!

Have you ever received a voucher as compensation for an unpleasant travel experience or for volunteering to take a later flight? If so, make sure to understand how the voucher may be used and with which fares — all vouchers are not created equal!

US Airways says “buh-bye” to in-flight entertainment

US Airways, the beleaguered airline undergoing a painful transformation that it hopes will return it to profitability, has decided to end in-flight entertainment on some aircraft.