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Delta, NWA court employees

In a move to get the nod of regulators and shareholders, Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines are extending travel privileges to employees.
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Gun restrictions under review

Gun advocates have lobbied Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne to review the ban against bringing loaded weapons into national parks and wildlife areas.
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TSA tackles lines in Atlanta

The Transportation Security Administration's own Kip Hawley will visit Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport to help security teams there shorten security lines.
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BA adds fuel surcharge

The fuel surcharge merry-go-round continues. Next up, British Airways which announced today that fares on long-haul flights, those to destinations outside of Europe, will increase by $40 to $60 per round trip.
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Hotels testing new features

Where can you find a waterproof mattress and wireless electricity? In the X-room, a test guest room at the Courtyard by Marriott in Newark, Del.
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All-business-class still alive

Even though Eos Airlines and MaxJet Airways have gone under, the all-business-class model still has legs as Silverjet, l'Avion and Lufthansa are out to prove.
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San Diego beaches reopen

Beaches in San Diego have reopened after authorities suspended shark warnings following a fatal attack 150 yards offshore.
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United talks with US Airways

United Airlines, apparently desperate for a merger partner, is now talking with US Airways.
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Delta raises fares

Delta Air Lines announced Monday that it would increase domestic fares between $10 and $40 per round trip.
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American next to charge for bags

American Airlines, following the lead of others, announced Monday it would charge passengers $25 for checking a second bag.
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