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Victor Block is an award-winning travel journalist who has visited and written about more than 70 countries. He is a guidebook author and his stories have appeared in major newspapers and magazines. He is a member of the Society of American Travel Writers and the North American Travel Journalists Association. Vic believes that travel provides a wonderful education, and his love for exploring new destinations and cultures is as great as it was decades ago.

Entranced in England’s Lake District

Travelers are following the footsteps of artists and writers to create their own memories of the English Lake District.
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    Rooms to explore: Autohtono Gospoodarstvo Sklepic in Croatia

Rooms to explore: Autohtono Gospoodarstvo Sklepic in Croatia

Victor Block explores another unique lodging where travelers can take a step back in time, where farming continues as it has for centuries, and where Hungary, Croatia and Serbia meet.

Cuba — open for US travelers

The severe travel restrictions on Cuba are coming to an end. Tens of thousands of Americans are expected to head to this Caribbean island to explore a land long off-limits for citizens of the US.

Room to Explore – Boar’s Head Inn

Few charming inns are as closely associated with Thomas Jefferson. It provides an intimate introduction to one of the most multi-talented men ever to reside in the White House.

Rumdoodle — all British all the time in the Lake District

Want an Introduction 101 to the culture and people of England? Try a meet and mingle with the owner-operators of Rumdoodle.

Stateroom with a view — on the Amazon

Scrambling out of bed and glancing through the window, the setting hardly resembled any hotel room where I’ve ever stayed. I'm on the Amazon.

Charlottesville, Virginia — a Presidential pilgrimage

Three US Presidents lived and spent time around Charlottesville. It might make sense to make this a historic Presidential pilgrimage.

Vieques Island: From bomb site to beach destination

Once a Navy bombing range, Vieques now is known for gently curving seashores overlooking sweeping bays and tiny slivers of sand hidden at the end of narrow dirt roads.

Hiking “The Way” through southern France

I first learned about “The Way” from the 2010 movie of that name starring Martin Sheen. However, it has been known since at least the 9th century to many thousands of people who have followed all or part of the network of ancient pilgrim routes that stretch across western Europe. They eventually converge and end at the shrine of Santiago de Compostela at the western-most tip of Spain.
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Online Christmas (and other holidays) gifts for travelers

With Christmas fast approaching, have you finished your gift list, checked it twice and finished your shopping? Or do you still have some presents to buy? If you need ideas for what to get for folks who travel a lot for pleasure or business, a “gift of go” can be the perfect solution.
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