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Victor Block is an award-winning travel journalist who has visited and written about more than 70 countries. He is a guidebook author and his stories have appeared in major newspapers and magazines. He is a member of the Society of American Travel Writers and the North American Travel Journalists Association. Vic believes that travel provides a wonderful education, and his love for exploring new destinations and cultures is as great as it was decades ago.

Vancouver, a multicultural kaleidoscope of life

The diversity of Vancouver's multicultural population adds a kaleidoscopic touch. Many residents trace their ancestry back to Chinese immigrants brought in for construction of the Canadian-Pacific Railroad and during the country’s Gold Rush, both at the end of the 19th century. Many more recent arrivals came from the Philippines, Taiwan and other Southeast Asian countries.

Scottsdale, Arizona — cowboys and caviar

The first impression of Scottsdale, Arizona, is the diversity of attractions. The shopping alone provides an introduction to the something for everyone variety. Along with top-of-the-line stores are shops selling cowboy hats, boots and everything that’s worn between them. Even visitors who don’t buy whole hog into the cowboy theme find that casual attire is perfect for exploring the Sonoran Desert which surrounds the town.

Myrtle Beach sun, sand, plantations (oh, and 100 golf courses)

Most of the 15 million or so people who visit the Myrtle Beach area each year do go to golf and soak up the sun. Not surprising, because the destination has over 100 excellent golf courses and is bordered by a 60-mile stretch of inviting soft sand beaches. As I discovered, it also has history-rich towns, reminders of southern plantation life and intriguing cultural tidbits, any of which alone would be reason enough to go there.

Miami’s colorful neighborhoods from gritty to genteel

Welcome to Miami and Miami Beach, where broad swatches of white sand and glittering night life are main attractions that draw most visitors to that popular destination. But behind the glimmer of sun and the glitz of top-notch entertainment lies a collection of diverse neighborhoods that offers an enticing mosaic of cultures, lifestyles and architecture.

Ugandan people — simple, struggling, smiling

Relaxing in a hot shower, walking to a nearby market to buy meat or strolling through a village may seem like commonplace occurrences. But in the African country of Uganda, these experiences are likely to be unlike life as you’re used to living it.

New Zealand: Magnificence in miniature

Victor Block is back from New Zealand. The country offers more to-see’s and to-do’s than many much larger ones. That diversity is among reasons why so many travelers place it high on their list of favorites.

Key West — laid back with loud shirts

That fun-filled outlook on life sums it up. More than the sun or setting, Key West is an attitude. Life there is laid back and people need little excuse to party. Even the sunset provides one.

Montreal: Eclectic neighborhoods and a surprising underground

A comfy pair of walking shoes was all we needed to explore the intriguing neighborhoods that combine to make Montreal a kaleidoscope of cultures and customs.

Valley Forge: Victory over despair

No battles were fought at Valley Forge. Not a shot was fired at an enemy. Yet the setting may be the best-known site associated with the Revolutionary War. The struggle for survival dramatically conveyed the courage and endurance that characterized the Colonials’ battle for freedom.

Las Vegas, away from the gambling tables and slots

While Vegas is known primarily as a gambling Mecca, I was there for everything else it has to offer, and what a full menu there is.
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