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Where’s that darned car lot?

What’s most important about renting a car? It’s not rate, size of car, or even courtesy. It’s being able to return the car when you’re done with it.
By |December 23rd, 2009|Today|2 Comments|

Better seat choices on United? Oops

Yippee. United has changed its policy on seating upgrades for Continental elite flyers. It was too late for me (flying home the other day from Singapore), but the “new benefits will begin to roll out in mid-2010.”
By |December 8th, 2009|Today|1 Comment|

A ‘service charge’ or ‘tip’ for Internet service? You’ve got to be kidding

The Consumer Travel Alliance Thanksgiving travel survey just closed. Thanks to everyone who participated. The picture of our readers and whether they were traveling and how they made their reservations are revealing.
By |November 30th, 2009|Today|7 Comments|

Making sure you can hear the safety briefing

Here’s an odd one: On my recent US Airways flight into Washington National, I couldn't hear the safety briefing. Why? Because a guy three rows behind me was talking loudly, non-stop, during the briefing. He was in a pilot’s uniform. A first officer. And he wouldn't shut up.
By |November 25th, 2009|Today|3 Comments|

Making amends? Ask before you give

The hotel I was staying at made a significant mistake on my food. A major screw-up that, under different circumstances, could have led to an industrial-strength lawsuit. But they apologized profusely and said they’d take corrective action. Fair enough; thank you.
By |November 6th, 2009|Today|7 Comments|

When’s an elite not elite at all?

What are some of the benefits elite fliers typically get? Preferred boarding. Waived baggage fees. And better seating assignments. Unless you’re flying United.
By |November 5th, 2009|Today|9 Comments|

The “Three Ps” of getting your airline refund

It took about eight months and two threats to go to small claims court, but I finally got Delta Airlines to cough up the $800 the company owed me for a fully refundable ticket. It wasn't easy or pretty.

Stupid airline trick no. 462: “Well, sir, those are the rules.”

Everyone has his or her favorite “stupid airline trick.” There are so many, it’s tough to keep track. Here’s my latest --- not necessarily my favorite.

Avis goes wrong with what could be a brilliant idea

Why is it that so often what looks like a great deal at first glance, really isn’t a great deal at all, once you read the fine print? Avis serves up a doozy.

C’mon, lighten up on JetBlue!

The only thing worse than bad satire is an organization that doesn’t recognize satire and responds to a joke seriously. That’s what happened with the JetBlue “Bigwigs” campaign, which drew a ridiculous or humorous or intellectual response from the Alliance for Aviation Across America.