Sunday musings: TSA Genius video, knowing travel rights, travel fees to avoid

“TSA Genius” — A look into an Al Qaeda meeting TSA security, the part of travel that well all seem to dislike, is spoofed in this Comedy Central skit about an Al Qaeda meeting in a cave. The participants come up with idea after idea about ways to bring down a plane but, in the […]

Sunday musings: Limits on personalized license plates, Mobile wallet drivers license, LA taxis vs. Uber

State rules on personalized license plates California and many other states have very strict rules about what can be put on vanity license plates. Some of the denied plates are surprising. Others are easy to understand. Some plates requested read differently when turned upside down and others have cryptic meanings to police and gangs. Who […]

Sunday musing: Airline carbon-offset champs, fuel cheaper but airfares high

Today, we muse about fuel. We take a look at airlines that use it most efficiently. We examine why airfares are not dropping like the gasoline prices at the pump. And, we read about the airlines’ record profits. They are getting the best of this economy — lower fuel prices and higher airfares. Fame: Alaska […]

Sunday musings: What makes art great? EU passenger rights, Germs on planes

This weekend we ponder the essence of art, the new European Union views on passenger rights and learn about the existence of germs on aircraft. Oh my! What makes art great? In our travels we all have gone to see the “great pieces of art” in city after city, museum after museum and church after […]

Sunday musings: Data tracking — food we eat, customer service, planes we fly

Today we take time to muse about big data. It has significant promises in the fields of promising merchandising and, perhaps, in customer service. But, big data has a problem with big physical objects, like a 250-ton airplane. How data and online ordering is changing fast food service I never heard of Sheetz before I […]