Bus companies struggle with service slips and growing pains

It’s hard to think of a mode of transportation that generates fewer complaints than the bus, except maybe walking.

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Are airlines about to charge your kids more?

If your blood pressure spikes when you think about the words “kids” and “plane” in the same sentence, as

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No more lost luggage? It’s not science fiction

Lost items are a top annoyance on the verge of being eliminated, according to technology experts. Tracking technology is changing the world of lost and found.

Beware of travel industry doublespeak

Airlines, car rental companies, hotels and cruise lines are using doublespeak to push their own agendas. Whatever these companies claim is for our own good, is for their.

Should airlines be re-regulated?

Soaring airfares and passenger discontent are stoking the long-dormant embers of regulation in Washington. Last week, a prominent airline-traveler advocacy organization call for DOT regulation.

The online-travel soap opera — and what it means to you

For the average traveler, it’s hard to figure out whether these sales mean anything at all. So what if Expedia bought its former rival? And does it really matter who owns Orbitz?

Economy class gets an upgrade – or is it a downgrade?

Not all upgrades are the same. In fact, Alaska’s and Delta’s are worth closer looks, because they offer dramatically different visions of air travel in 2015.

How refundable are airline fees? Not so much

Christopher Elliott looks into whether airlines are refunding extra fees when the service is not used by the passenger. Not very often and with difficulty.
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    Warning! Dropping off your rental car doesn’t mean you’re off the hook

Warning! Dropping off your rental car doesn’t mean you’re off the hook

Budget Rent a Car recently quoted Roy Bonney a $96 rate for a one-day rental from Norfolk to Washington. But it sent him a bill for $3,374. There is more to the story.

Solving the credit card “hold” mystery

Christopher Elliott takes on the mystery of the credit card "hold" at many hotels and rental car companies. Many times you never see the charge; others, you see once, then you don't.