Dreaded fees come to vacation rentals

Rhonda Moret’s vacation rental in Park City, Utah, came with a few surprises. First, there was a $25 “check-in” fee when she arrived, which, though disclosed in the fine print of her contract, was unexpected. And then there was a mandatory $200 “cleaning” fee for her unit after she checked out. Neither was part of […]

Airplanes’ space wars are shifting to the human rights front

Do you have the right to room on a plane? If you answered “no,” you’re probably with the majority of American travelers. After all, airlines are private companies, and you always have the option of paying more for an upgraded seat, don’t you? But recent efforts by consumer advocates are turning the conventional wisdom about […]

6 car accessories to make your road trip, and driving record, smoother

Somewhere on one of my social media accounts, there’s an image of me being pulled over for speeding in Pooler, Ga. My crime? Doing 67 mph on a stretch of Interstate 95 where the speed limit abruptly drops from 65 to 55. Gotcha! The snapshot of flashing blue lights in my rearview mirror fails to […]

What to do about hotel renovation hassles

As hotel renovations go, the one Robert Reich experienced was pretty extreme. The property he’d booked in Baltimore, the Mount Vernon Hotel, was being remodeled and reopening as the Hotel Indigo Baltimore — Mt. Vernon. “Extreme” might also describe what the hotel did to his reservation for this spring. Instead of honoring it, the Indigo, […]

Are airlines about to charge your kids more?

If your blood pressure spikes when you think about the words “kids” and “plane” in the same sentence, as you just did (sorry about that), then this story may have a calming effect. True, there’s no faster way to start a brawl on a flight or an online chat room than by putting the two […]

How refundable is that nonrefundable ticket?

Everything is negotiable, even a nonrefundable airline ticket. Consider what happened when Ryan Duffy developed complications from brain surgery which forced him to cancel his American Airlines flight from Charleston, S.C., to Las Vegas.