Dastardly Delta — again putting consumers last

Delta may be running a good airline these days from an operation point of view and from a money-making standpoint. However, from the general traveler perspective, the airline is anti-consumer, anti-comparison shopping, anti-disclosure, anti-competition, and now anti-distressed passenger.

Once consumer-friendly rules have turned anti-consumer

Code-sharing and international airline alliances are no longer working for consumers. Once upon a time, when the airlines were struggling and there were more than a dozen airlines, these actions seemed somewhat reasonable. Today, they have turned anti-competitive.

Senate Commerce Committee staff reports airline fees need transparency and more

Since 2008, when American Airlines led the charge towards ancillary fees with the introduction of the first checked bag fees, consumer advocates have been working to get the airlines to fully disclose these growing fees at the same time that they disclose the airfares. Travelers United has been one of the leading consumer groups fighting […]