Stop diversion of travel fees to the general budget

A coalition of organizations representing the travel, tourism, airport and airline industries as well as the travelers, is urging Congress to not divert fees collected for aviation security, to pay for the highways or any other purposes.

Are FF miles a new currency? Should they be taxed?

During this last year, one of the biggest debates at DOT’s Advisory Committee for Aviation Consumer Protections, on which I serve, was whether frequent flier (FF) miles should be taxed. Are those miles now a taxable currency? Should they be? The question surfaced last year when the IRS Tax Court upheld taxes collected for a […]

Dastardly Delta — again putting consumers last

The litany of Delta transgressions against consumers is long. This airline is doing everything it can to make life more difficult for consumers. Delta is restricting its airfares from online travel metasearch sites like Hipmunk, Travelzoo, Skyscanner, TripAdvisor and more, making it more difficult for consumers to comparison shop. Delta has removed its mileage requirements from its SkyMiles […]

9/11 — a look back at 14 years and 10 big changes

Some of us can remember what is was like before 9/11. But the memories are fading. Today, we are starting to see teenagers coming into their own who have never known anything but the world of airport security and endless wars in the Middle East. The numbers of airlines that used to be flying across […]

The DOJ initiates an investigation and airfares fall — funny how that happens. Well not so funny.

Airlines and their aviation media are touting the fact that airfares have dropped 5.6 percent on July vs. June, the largest monthly decline since the end of 1995. Amazing isn’t it. When consumers were shouting from the rooftops (Travelers Unites was leading the pack) airfares didn’t budge. But, once the Department of Justice (DOJ) started […]