Airport security is a farce

Ron Hall thinks airport security is a farce, and I think he may be on to something. On a recent flight from Dallas to Chicago, he tangoed with the TSA at a checkpoint, with frustrating results. His takeaway: This is a circus, this thing we call security. Hall’s experience (OK, he didn’t actually dance, but […]

Why are these hotel confirmations "irksome to the extreme"?

In the records of travel industry ridiculousness, the humble hotel confirmation merits hardly a mention. After all, it’s a piece of paper with your name on it, right? Not if you’re Douglas Shachnow, and not if you’re staying at Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott. “I have to make a two-night stop in the New York […]

How ridiculous are these Virgin Atlantic seat reservation fees?

Matthew Gabel is mad. He recently paid $2,431 for two tickets from Oakland to London on Virgin Atlantic. It seemed like a good deal — until he tried to select his seats. “That’s when I learned of Virgin Atlantic’s new seat-selection policy — an additional 25 euros per seat — a total of 100 euros for […]

What the &#** is wrong with loyalty programs?

If you needed any more proof that loyalty programs are a cancer on the economy, sabotaging our collective moral compasses and compelling us to spend money we don’t have, you might want to check out the latest Colloquy survey.

Why won’t American Airlines take my money?

I’m thrilled to bring back one of my favorite features: That’s ridiculous! I’ll be exploring some of the more senseless policies, rules and regulations and pointing out their absurdities. It’ll be fun! You can help by emailing me your tips.