6 European hotel booking tips

These days the internet makes it really easy to book a hotel anywhere in the world. Except when it doesn’t. For travelers used to booking reservations in the United States, there are a few things they should know before booking a hotel room in Europe; or, for that matter, most places overseas. 1. Don’t expect […]

3 additional rules for packing checked luggage defensively

Last week I wrote about “5 rules for packing checked luggage defensively.” The rules are necessitated by woeful liability limits, set by governments, for luggage lost or damaged by the airlines. The liability issue is further exacerbated on US domestic flights by the airlines eliminating their liability, as per their contracts of carriage, on breakables, […]

6 tips to make working with a travel agent smoother, faster and cheaper.

If you book all your own travel, disregard this post. But, if you use a travel agent or if you have someone else arrange your business or even leisure travel, here are six tips to make the process much easier. I’ll use the phrase “travel agent” in the post, but everything equally applies to an […]

5 rules for packing checked luggage defensively

Many air travelers think there’s nothing worse than having arrived at their destination airport, waiting at the baggage carousel while everyone else picks up their luggage, only to find their bag was lost, ripped or torn; or, when they open their baggage in their hotel, find broken or missing items.

The glamour of business travel?

As airline travel becomes increasingly an ordeal for the average flier, many travelers cast envious eyes towards those lucky enough to be in business class. For many business travelers, it’s not just front-cabin airline travel, but taxis and limos instead of public transit, expense account meals and nice hotels. What’s not to like? While money […]

Safety and comfort advice for air travelers

Earlier this year, sixteen passengers and four crew members were injured on United, Cathay Pacific and Sunwing airlines’ flights due to the flights experiencing severe turbulence. Just last week, five passengers and two flight attendants were injured from severe turbulence on their US Airways flight. From 2010 through 2013, 75 passengers and 74 flight crew […]

6 safety tips for travelers when viewing and photographing wildlife

Summer is coming quickly to the northern hemisphere, bringing vacations for many in cities across North America, Europe, Central America and Asia. Vacationers are seeking travel to see nature in action while visiting national parks, rain forests and even underwater reefs. Some vacationers are planning ecotours of fragile, generally pristine and relatively undisturbed natural areas, […]