Celebrity payback


My recent column about the hardships of flying as a celebrity – and the quiz that followed – sure got your keyboards clicking.

Amid the tales of ripped clothing, soap opera villains being spat on, personal items stolen, drunken advances, and even a mauling by a star-struck fan, I mentioned several specific celebrity encounters – and I asked if you could name them.

Did you ever. We had quite a few guesses, and even one perfect score.

I know the suspense is killing you, so here are the answers:

Roger Moore. Many of you guessed Sean Connery but I tried to emphasize the English – not Scottish – accent.

Cher. Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves was one of my favorite songs growing up (I know I am dating myself).

Nancy Cartwright (voice of Bart Simpson). The only thing she wouldn’t say was “Eat my shorts.”

Jamie Lee Curtis. Nobody was fooled by this horror passenger. Halloween all of a sudden has a much more frightening aspect.

John McEnroe. Maybe he has grown up by now. I can’t be serious!

Larry Hagman. Who shot JR? Well that passenger sure took her best shot.

Oprah. Yes, I was disappointed but all I can hope is that she was just having a bad day. Have I ruined my chances for an appearance on her show? I’m not too sure I ever had one in the first place.

Jay Leno. He is the one that put the idea in my mind to start writing an air travel book. As of yet he still hasn’t invited me on his show. How soon they forget.

Princess Margaret (The Queen’s late sister). Don’t be upset, this one fooled all but one of you and the person who got it correct is English. I lived in England for quite a few years and had too much of the monarchy in every daily paper. Princess Margaret was well known for her excessive habits.

Tom Jones. And no, the flight attendant never got her panties back.

John Candy. He was a very kind man. On the flight he never felt comfortable unless he was making people laugh.
And now … the winners:

Amanda Hughes (perfect score!)

P. Ziegler

Christian Baker

Ted Malone

F. Martins

Linda Roberts

Jeff Chong

Susan Miller

Paul Zorovich

Barbara de Tournemire

If your name is on this list, please send me an e-mail with your choice of books – either “The Plane Truth: Shift Happens at 35,000 Feet” or “The Air Traveler’s Survival Guide” with your mailing address. If you didn’t win, you can still buy a book from my site and I’ll offer a special airline discount.

Thanks for playing. See you next week.