A day in the life of the Department of Homeland Security


Twelve years ago in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was established and consolidated 22 agencies into one organization. Its goal: prevent and respond to attacks and disasters — manmade or otherwise — and safeguard citizen.

Few agencies have incurred the ire of the public as DHS. From the touch-and-feel, naked body scanners of TSA to long lines at Customs and Border Patrol checkpoints and from drug confiscations to long delays in the citizenship process, this agency is rife with problems.

All 22 DHS components have unique missions and plenty gets done in one day. Exactly how much is illustrated in DHS’ daily to-do list. When citizens look at the scope of responsibilities of this giant agency, it is hard not to be impressed. This infographic captures a day in the life of DHS and leaves a lot out.

DHS_Infographic_650 (1)
  • http://tsanewsblog.com/214/news/history-repeats-itself-with-tsas-strip-search-tactics/ Lisa Simeone

    “Its goal: prevent and respond to attacks and disasters — manmade or otherwise — and safeguard citizen.”

    So is that why, after untold billions — literally untold, since DHS itself cannot tell us how much it spends on “security” — they still missed the Boston marathon bombing? Lemme guess — because they and their minions are too busy sticking their hands down people’s pants at airports and sexually assaulting people at the borders. How can they possibly be bothered with actual intelligence and actual security when they’re so busy engaged in those important activities?

    “When citizens look at the scope of responsibilities of this giant agency, it is hard not to be impressed.”


    Count me unimpressed.

  • Daisiemae

    DHS was probably in on the whole thing. It was probably another staged event to keep the fear factor going and justify all the excessive spending and all the unconstitutional actions by the government.

    Shades of Operation Northwoods. Planned terrorist attacks to justify attacking Cuba. Kennedy put the kibosh on that. Too bad Obama is no Kennedy.

    Everything old is new again, right?

  • Guest

    Makes me wonder how much was paid to Mr. Leocha to write this article.

  • 1amWendy

    You know, Charlie, I could spend my entire life moving a mountain with a teaspoon. That’s a lot of work, and I imagine there would be those that are impressed with my dedication and resolve. And determination to move that mountain. Impressive? Not when the work is basically make-work. Oh – and my work would never be considered invasive and humiliating. Stupid, pointless, maybe. Never impressive.

  • Daisiemae


    I’m so impressed that DHS assaults elderly, disabled, children, attractive young women or anybody else they feel like daily.

    I’m so impressed that two DHS cars were parked nose to nose outside my local Social Security office…yakking and drinking coffee. I guess they were surveilling all these dangerous seniors trying to get their social security checks.

    Just one more drop in the bucket of the untold billions wasted by DHS.

    Yeah….I’m impressed.

  • Daisiemae


    While you were busy kissing up to DHS, did you ask them if they are familiar with Operation Northwoods? Emulating it maybe?

  • Susan Richart

    Daisiemae, isn’t the FBI practicing its own type of Operation Northwoods by setting up gullible individuals as terrorists and then bragging about how they stopped a terrorist operation or attack? I don’t see much difference.

  • Daisiemae

    Yeah. I’m thinking this new one about the “suspicious” lap top and the man who was “uncooperative” could be something like that.